Changing graphics card for the first time.......

  Cybermaxx 15:09 24 Jul 2004

What is the correct sequence of operations to change graphics cards? I've just bought a 9600XT and I want to install it. I currently have a 9000 installed. the new card is a Lite retail version. It has a driver CD, the card itself, two adapters of some kind and two cables. I'm guessing I don't need the cables and adapters to install it? Any advice appreciated!

  jonnytub 15:13 24 Jul 2004

simply exchange into current cards slot, whilst powered off andd grounded, damn keeyboard, iim of to ppc world

  jonnytub 15:15 24 Jul 2004

the cables will be for the external connections or maybe for fan connection internally. can'ttt helplp a olt coss keybopard playinjg upuu. aaaaaaaarrgghg!!!

  Cybermaxx 15:17 24 Jul 2004

Hell's teeth, you really are having trouble! maybe someone else can advise me?

  jonnytub 15:19 24 Jul 2004

illl check in lliater with nnnew kboard!!!

  flyingpeterpan 15:26 24 Jul 2004

Uninstall the existing grapnic card driver and then shut down the PC, take the old card out carefully, put the new card in, the cables are probably for connecting power from power supply to the new card,check it you should see a connector there,the adaptors you may not need them since they are for DVI-Convertor use.Restart your PC .It should detect your new card and install the driver for it and off you go.

  Cybermaxx 16:21 24 Jul 2004

Thanks! i have just fitted and installed the new card, and it appears to be working okay.

Two things, though:-

1) My old card had a yellow 4-pin connector which was actually connected to a cable inside the case. The new card doesn't have this connector, so I've just taped the cable to the bottom of the case. Any idea what this was for?

2)I've installed the drivers from the new card's CD. They're dated 12/12/03, and there's no control panel for the card. I assume I have to download this from the ATI site. Seems a bit stange though, a bit miserly of Sapphire........

  flyingpeterpan 16:39 24 Jul 2004

1)This cable is for external power fed to the card,because some of the modern cards need this to power their onboard chips if there is no connector then you don't need it.Otherwise you will get a continuous beeping and a warning message on the screen saying you forgot to connect power to the graphic card.
2)I think they have changed the control panel, right click anywhere on the desktop,click properties,and then setting,click advance,and click 3-D or OpenGL tab then you should see what you want,I hope this can help,anyone want to input a bit more?

  Cybermaxx 16:52 24 Jul 2004

Thanks flyingpeterpan. I'd forgotten about the external power feed! But that was a normal 9000 64MB. The new card is a 128MB 9600XT! So the 9000 actually used more power than the 9600......... Interesting. I didn't even realise that a budget card like that would need additional power.

No, there's no control panel there. When I go to Add/remove programs, it isn't listed. it mustn't have been included on the CD. I might as well download the latest drivers too.

  flyingpeterpan 16:59 24 Jul 2004

Good Luck!

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