Changing file dates - How do I do it?

  Mr. Chips 22:31 02 Jun 2007

Three of us went on holiday and between us took 1300 photographs using our own digital cameras.
I thought that I had set each of them to exactly the same date and time so that when I imported them into a single folder, all the photos from each of the cameras would be time adjacent.
BUT one of the cameras was 1 hour out.
I have PC's using both XP home and Vista.
Is there a way to bulk change the 800 incorrectly timed photos using a single process?
Do I need a special utility to do this?
Is there a freeware utility that I could use?
Can anyone offer me any advice please.
Many thanks in advance.

  SANTOS7 22:47 02 Jun 2007

click here
This may help,good luck..

  hssutton 23:45 02 Jun 2007

You may find this program more user friendly click here which is freeware (well almost,the editor likes you to send him an email.

With the program open. Select all your photos then go to the Pen & Paper Icon directly below the "T" in "Exif/IPTC" in the box that opens up select the Exif Data tab and make the neccessary time adjustments. Remember there are 3 time stamps to adjust. Time taken, Time modified and Time Digitized. You can also adjust the dates, but in your case you can ignore this part.

  hssutton 23:47 02 Jun 2007

One other point Exifer runs quite happily under XP or Vista

  Mr. Chips 16:54 03 Jun 2007


Thanks, I have down-loaded the utility, and very powerful it seems to be.
I have tried changing the filesdates but don't seem to have got the knack yet!
Can you give be any clues please?

regards, and thanks

  hssutton 19:15 03 Jun 2007

Ok, with Exifer open select the folder contaning the images that need re-dating, to do this use the yellow folder just below "FILE".

With the folder open select all the photos that require a date change, if all require a date change go to "Edit">>"Select All".

Now select the Paper/Pen icon next to the Red "X" or hit "Ctrl + E" The "edit selected dialogue" box now opens, Select the middle tab "Exif Data" then select the "Date" tab.

Now you need to decide what times to apply and here there are 2 methods one is to just select The Date taken and adjust the time, but here all the times will be identical. There is however a time ofset "Incremental" if you select this you can set any time differential that you require, but obviously if all the photos where taken on the same day this will have to be taken into consideration, so you can set a time difference from 1 minute upwards.

You will also need to select the box "Apply to date modified and date digitized.

Although I've changed a date before this is a first for me with batch editing of Date/Time. So can assure you it is quite easy when you set your mind to it

  Mr. Chips 19:35 03 Jun 2007

Many thanks .. all 800 photos now show that they were taken 59 minutes earlier.
They now merge perfectly with the other two cameras.

Thank you very much for your help and your time.


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