Changing DVD region on Laptop

  collinsc 10:22 26 Oct 2008

I have entered a DVD into my laptop which is Region 2 - Windows WILL play it but it warns that i need to change the region version and that after doing this 4 times i can no longer change regions!

why is this?
can i change this?


  rickf 10:32 26 Oct 2008

If the laptop is bought in the UK or Europe region 2 came as default so just leave it be. However, for example if you change it to region 1 to play US disc then you be be locked in to that after 5 changes. Hope that's clear.

  collinsc 10:44 26 Oct 2008

rickf - thanks - yeh it's clear! But i wondered why this is... and whether there is a way round it.

i assume 'no' for the latter.


  Stuartli 10:56 26 Oct 2008

Key DVD Region Free + freeware into Google.

  collinsc 11:08 26 Oct 2008


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