Changing Drive letters

  m800afc 02:12 01 Mar 2007

I have just completed a very troublesome install of XP Pro. I have discovered that my C: drive has been re_labled as I: drive. How do I get I: drive back to being C: drive again?

  moorie- 02:50 01 Mar 2007
  BJN 06:59 01 Mar 2007

Be careful before you change the drive letter on main HD which windows is installed on. Any programs installed will look for in you case "I" drive to work. If you change it back to "C" drive then allot of things may not work.

Why do you want to change the drive letter back if windows is working, I'd leave well alone and for this install just let you installed HD for windows be "I".


  FatboySlim71 08:37 01 Mar 2007

You can always rename your hard drive for example "my pc drive partition 1" thats if you do have any partitions on your hard drive.

I use Acronis True Image and there can be times when that can change the drive letters about, but I was advised to give my hard drive a descriptive name so as it is easier to determine that you are working on the correct drive.

To rename your hard drive do the following,

GO INTO MY COMPUTER/RIGHT CLICK ON THE HARD DRIVE IN QUESTION/FROM THE MENU CHOOSE RENAME/ENTER YOUR NEW NAME AND THEN PRESS RETURN. The drive will still have the same drive letter assigned to it, in your case I, but you will now have a descriptive name so that it will be easier for you to determine what hard drive/partition you are working from.

If you are wanting to re-label the drive I agree with BJN, "leave well alone".

  m800afc 17:22 04 Mar 2007

Thank you for the advice. I had every intention of taking the advice and leaving well enough alone. Chaging the Drive letter has now become essential for me. The trouble originated with a very exasperating install of XP Pro. It took me several attempts over seven days to finally install XP Pro and now C drive has changed to J drive. My external USB drive containing nothing but Mp3 files has changed from M drive to C drive. At first leaving things as they were was not causing a problem. This afternoon whilst re installing my applications I had a lot of failures when I tried to run the programs. It is because they have all been installed to my External USB C drive. The applications seem to do this by default, assuming the C drive to be the local internal disc, which it is not. Some of the applications refuse to run and some start, but fail to initialise giving error messages saying such and such a file cannot be found. I need to get things back to normal, but find that the solutions found in PCA archive require a fresh, clean install of XP Pro, which reformats my local drive, but does not change the letter back to C. I am pulling my hair out and could do with some advice before I am bald, and the computer has gone through the window.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:13 04 Mar 2007

Change system Drive Letter click here

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