changing drive letter

  sunny staines 18:04 23 May 2007

I tried this ages ago and had problems.So I am asking first this time to get it right.
i intend to add a second hard drive which will be F drive. I will clone my main partition C drive onto it. Once I swap the jumpers around to make F my master and C the secondry. How do i change the drive letters around so F becomes the new C ?

  Stuartli 18:20 23 May 2007

It's done from Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Storage>Disk Management - I think that's the correct sequence.

You should bring up a panel allowing drive letters to be changed.

  sunny staines 19:22 23 May 2007

thanks for the reply, last time i did that it would not allow me to change drive C i think it said because it was active or similar but i cannot remember.

  Trackrat 19:30 23 May 2007

I have not tried to clone a hard drive, but what would happen if you cloned the C drive on to the F drive then disconnect the C drive and reboot your computer.

  audeal 19:32 23 May 2007

C drive is your System Drive and can not be changed.

I believe the only possible way would be to make you "F" drive you "Primary Master" drive and your "C" drive your "Primary Slave" or "Secondry Master" or "Slave" drive. I think that will work.

  sunny staines 19:33 23 May 2007

track rat.....thats worth a try, might give that option a try

  audeal 19:34 23 May 2007

What ever drive is connected to the "Primary Master" slot on the mother board will be the "C" drive.

  Spark6 20:54 23 May 2007

After changing my drives around following a serious problem my master is 'H' a 25.6GB partition and on the same drive 'I' a 48.8GB partition.

The slave is 'J' a 10.0GB partition with 'K' a 64.5GB partition on same drive!

  audeal 23:52 23 May 2007

Spark6: Under normal circumstances The "C" drive contains the Operating System and is connected to the Primary Socket on the Mother Board (socket No 1)which is the Primary Master. You can then have another drive on the same cable, which is the Primary Slave. Any drives connected to the other socket (socket No 2)are the Secondary drives.

So if you copy the operating system onto another drive, ie. a secondry drive then surely the drive must be changed to become the Primary Master and to do this the cables must be changed around and possibly the jumpers may also need changing.

  woodchip 23:57 23 May 2007

All you need do is use acronis to create a image of the Old partition or Drive, Change the Drives Start with Acronis CD then run image to get it back to square one with the new drive in

  ashdav 00:31 24 May 2007

Clone the drives then reconnect the new copy as your primary hardrive. Do not reconnect the original at this stage.
Boot up and your cloned copy will automatically be detected as the C drive (primary partition).
Switch off and connect the original drive.
Boot up then got to My Computer in control panel and right click on it.
Select manage/disk management then click on the secondary drive (whatever letter is allocated to it)and change the drive letter to whatever you want.

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