Changing the DOS extension for a application

  Allan RISC OS user 17:59 24 Feb 2007

This may seem a weird request, but..

I run both a Windows XP Machine and a RISC OS machine.

My present PC does not have a floppy drive, but I need to get a programme which has been written for the PC off the floppy and into the PC from where I can then run it, my old PC had a floppy so I was able to run and install it from there but now I need it on CD or be able to change its extension.

The RiscOS machine can read the disc and copy it via my LAN onto the Harddrive of the Windows PC but in the transfer its name is changed from "Uniprint.EXE" to "Uniprint exe,fe4 file".

As it is an application how can I change this back to its original once it has been copied to the PC as it will not run as it stands.

  Batch 18:07 24 Feb 2007

Can you not just rename it to Uniprint.exe once it is on the PC?

  Allan RISC OS user 10:08 25 Feb 2007

Thank you for the suggestion, but I have tried that and I end up with the name being changed to Uniprint.EXE exe,fe4 file.!!!!!

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