Changing desktop icon size, but....

  greybeard 20:29 20 Sep 2006

I'm running xp and have one of my photos as a desktop background.
I would like to make the shortcut icons smaller, as I could in 98.
However, it seems that this non-windows classic setting doesn't allow me to do this.
It overrides my attempts to change the sizes.
(I changed the size with a solid colour background, but then when I changed this to my photo, the icons went back to the default size.)

Is this correct ?
If not, can someone tell me how to do it, please.

  skidzy 20:43 20 Sep 2006

Steps for changing desktop icon size.
1. Right Click Desktop + Choose “Properties”
2. In the Properties Window click on the “Appearance Tab” at the top.
3. In the Appearance Window click on the button called “Advanced”
4. In the Advanced Appearance Window choose “Item:” from the drop down list and choose “Icon” and you can choose desired Icon size. By default many users will see 32 x 32 pixels but this can be changed to whatever you want.

  greybeard 21:14 20 Sep 2006

Sorry skidzy, but you seem to have overlooked the bit about " non-windows classic setting".
I know how to change the icon size - I asked a slightly different question.

  skidzy 21:36 20 Sep 2006

Sorry John,i did overlook that bit.Im not use to Classic settings and have just tried it.I also could not find a way to reduce the size.
Maybe it can be done via control panel somewhere.

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