Changing default monitor

  mitsme 20:36 17 Mar 2007


I recently invested in a new tft monitor & duly installed it. My question is how can I get windows to recognise my monitor a s tft rather that crt? In the display settings the 'properties' option is greyed out. I have searched this forum & Googled 'til I'm dizzy. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I'm a novice please keep it simple.


  woodchip 20:42 17 Mar 2007

You first need to start computer in safe mode, then right click on Desktop\Properties\Advanced\Monitor\Select then show all, change to a Windows one you may find TFT in there if you run XP

  mitsme 21:03 17 Mar 2007

Thanks, will try that & get back to you.

  mitsme 21:29 17 Mar 2007


Tried that & it was still greyed out. This is something I need to sort out, it's probably something simple (or not) it's doing my head in.

I'm on a mission.

  MAJ 21:36 17 Mar 2007

Did you use the installation disk that came with the monitor? If not, then try running it.

  mitsme 21:52 17 Mar 2007

I ran the install disk first off. I can't understand why windows won't recognise the monitor. I know it may be a driver issue but I have the drivers for the monitor, came with the disk. I don't know what to do next.


  mitsme 21:56 17 Mar 2007

I'm worried because running my PC with the wrong monitor settings may harm it. (monitor & PC)

  MAJ 21:57 17 Mar 2007

What is the make and model of the monitor?

  woodchip 23:10 17 Mar 2007

Put the old monitor back, then make the Monitor a Default Monitor with 60Hez shut comp down then reconnect the TFT

  woodchip 23:11 17 Mar 2007

I should have said a Windows Default Monitor. Just a VGA one

  Migwell 00:32 18 Mar 2007

TFT monitors are surely 75hz my 19" is with a res of 1280 X 1024. The properties can be ticked to show only the HZ Numbers that it will work with, my previous monitor was a 15" Lyton and it also was to be set at 75hz with a res of 1024 X 768. Never had to set them to CRT or TFT. Mind having said that this 19" is running on a digital connection, so it might have sorted it self out.

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