Changing default format for comment boxes in Excel

  musicbassman 12:28 07 Jun 2003

Can anyone tell me how to change the default format of comments in an Excel sheet ? The Help file says choose ‘comment’ from the drop down format list, but this choice is not given in the list.
I know how to change the format for an individual comment, but not how to change the default settings for a sheet.
Also, I know how to drag a comment box to a new position, but next time the comment box opens, its back in its original place. Any ideas? Thanks.

  musicbassman 22:56 07 Jun 2003

Oh dear. Does no one know the answer to this ?

  powerless 22:58 07 Jun 2003

Vog™ will.

Just hang on and he or someone else will know.

...I do not know.

  VoG™ 00:34 08 Jun 2003

And the answer as far as I know is that you can't do this, at least not easily.

Apparently the font size that you see in the comment is governed by the font size that you set for desktop properties for tool tips (yes, really). However you are then stuck with Tahoma as the font.

I think that there are three things that you might want to change:

1) the font size - see above;

2) the size of the comment box; and

3) the position of the box.

You can record a macro to do (2) and (3) by operating on a single comment and then modifying that macro to do the same thing with every comment on a sheet. An (easier) alternative is to use a macro to autosize every comment - however this will not change the position of the comment.

If you wish to pursue these possibilities please post back and I'll help as far as possible.

  musicbassman 08:43 08 Jun 2003

Thanks VoG, its the font size thats the main problem. Because the main sheet I'm using this on is set at 75% sizing, the comment font is tiny. I just hoped that there would be an easy way of changing the default font size, rather than having to resize every individual comment, of which there are many.
So, how do I access the desktop properties for tool tips ? Its not an option on the main desktop properties menu.

  VoG™ 08:48 08 Jun 2003
  musicbassman 09:42 08 Jun 2003

Thanks VoG, thats solved the font size problem. What a useful site is - I have added it to my favourites. I am obliged to you.

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