Changing content of website with NOF.... How?

  Diemmess 22:41 05 Jul 2006

In Website matters I am an absolute beginner.

Have had a parish website foisted on me when it needs re-writing...way out of date.
The previous ‘master’ has very little spare time and has given me a list of instructions which look plausible but not sure how to apply them. DO NOT wish to let go both ends! (i.e. not destroy the old by installing the new.

Have used NetObject Infusion 8 and everything seems to work when published locally, though the learning curve was steep!

Previous man used FrontPage which looks ‘greek’ to me
This is what he recommended (without the names)

“The following information will allow you to access the xxxxxx website information and all the controls necessary to set up and run the site.

1) OK - First of all the website control panel. [A list of subsidiary uses possible]

You access it by going to the following website: "click here"
Username: YYY
Passowrd: ZZZZ

2) Accessing the web pages - for this you will need an FTP (file transfer protocol) programme, normally built into the web publishing software. The following needs to be set up as a web site.ftp server: click here fpt port: 21
Username: YYY
password: ZZZZ

This will give you access to all the files on the remote server at our internet service provider ABCDEF.COM. There are loads of files and directories. All our stuff is in the /www folder. When is accessed, the "index.htm" file in this folder is automatically used. Ignore the rest of the files for the moment.

I suggest for the new site all the files are placed in a new folder "/www2" and "www/index.htm" set up to point at this folder. There may be better methods but this will mean we don't lose whats there.
First things first, you can set up the new site offline and upload it only when its ready (use relative links!)

The plan in html is on the current website in the "plan" directory. This is the original version as published.
It is simple to put a file for download on the site You access it just like you would any other link."
There is more, but for starters, those who use NOF please tell me simply, the way to go?
How do I publish on the chosen website?
Do I use NOF to open the website first or how do I find and use the FTP (in instruction 2 above) which I assume NOF will have prepared for me?

If you are still reading this, I’m off to bed but hope some wizard will offer an answer I can understand.

  ade.h 23:16 05 Jul 2006

You absolutely cannot use a seperate FTP client with a NOF site without going through all your locally-published HTML pages and editing every single link!

NOF does not require you to publish locally before performing a remote publish either; I tend not to bother publishing locally, but send it straight to my test server space and examine it there in different browsers.

Just click on the Publish button along the top of the NOF window and work from there. It's very straightforward, so you can't really go wrong.

You can customise your server's folder structure from within NOF, but you don't need to for most sites. I only do so for one site - and that's because it has a large number of pages and I like to split them up into folders for each section. 00:37 06 Jul 2006

and this is only my own personal opinion, is build the site over from scratch in NOF.

You can copy and paste all the text into new tables straight from the old site, and dowload any images you need into NOF.

I have always found it easier to start from scratch rather than try to alter an existing site (especially one designed in another program). It is suprisingly quick once you get stuck in.

If you do use this method be sure to paste the text into Notepad, then re-copy it from Notepad into NOF. That way it doesn't retain it's old formatting and adopts the style you are using.

  Diemmess 19:02 06 Jul 2006

Thank you both for your post.
To keep it simple...........
The existing site version is doomed as it is, I merely didn't want to spoil it before the replacement was installed.

I have used NOF to construct a new one and it runs nicely when published locally.

Problem at the moment is to publish on the web!
Trying to follow the instruction reproduced at the start of this, I get so far as the Test when it comes back with a failed, incorrect parameters?
I assume I'm trying to publish globally?

If you use NOF 8, can you give me a stage by stage account of how to put this on the existing website?

Have to go out again now so my response will have to keep till tomorrow.

  ade.h 19:33 06 Jul 2006

I'll take you through the process from the top.

- Once you're ready to publish, click on the "Publish Site" button at the top.
- Obviously, you have got as far as creating a profile, but as it's not working, you'll need to edit it.
- Select it from the drop-down and click the pencil symbol. You'll get click here. Your server will be ftp. your URL .com. The directory will normally be blank, but sometimes htdocs; use an FTP client to check your server for a folder with that name and use it if it exists. The other bits are self-explanatory, but it's essential that you get the directory, username and password correct. Ignore the Advanced tab, but make sure that your site structure, filenames, links, link titles and page titles are all spot on.

If the connection fails a test, check it with an FTP, but be prepared for the fact that servers are sometimes inaccessible; one of mine is AWOL as I type this. 23:09 06 Jul 2006

ensure 'passive mode' is checked.

  Diemmess 15:43 07 Jul 2006

You hit the spot, particularly with the screen dump. In short with a lot more fiddling suddenly it all started loading (publishing).

A new problem or an extension of the old!
The ISP is and from the opening screen of icons I chose File Manager.
(On the net the original site remains as it was.)

The problem now for me is how do I select which publication to be active, I can't find a way to select from either of the 2 possibles.

My new publication has different end-letters from the original, so ought to be findable in that environment.
The original "Master" said "look in www for all our stuff." It seems to be ALL there, old and new though not necessarily jumbled up!

The first lines of that page read --

/current folder
[] create new folder
^ Upload file/s
[] create new file

I hope this rings a bell for you, I feel I'm only one step away. But I'm like a blind man fumbling in so much "webspeak"

  Diemmess 08:52 08 Jul 2006

I realise the original question has been well answered and how to use NOF to publish to the web has been covered.
I will start a new thread about how to change things on the site.

  ade.h 14:53 08 Jul 2006

Happy to help, D.

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