Changing channel nos; on digital TV on PC ie.1=BBC

  the mole 17:33 16 Sep 2005

I have AverMedia Digital TV on my PC but find it annoying when trying to locate a particular program as the channel nos. are all different.

ie. BBC1 is 34 I know it as 1

Can any one help please.


  Totally-braindead 20:31 17 Sep 2005

Don't have this unit myself, only suggestion I can offer is to try here click here and look at the FAQs for the model you have. I tried looking at the manual but its very basic and seems to tell you nothing other than how to install it. Failing that try emailing them.

  xania 09:22 21 Sep 2005

You may well find that the numbers cannot be changed. I seem to remember that BBC1 was channel 34 from the Astra satellite when I had an analogue Satellite system - I wonder if this is where the number comes from. If so, you might do worse than obtain the numbers of all the channels and simply keep it as a look up list.

  lindyloo4 21:56 21 Sep 2005

I have a analogue media centre and adjusted the channel numbers by going through My TV/ settings/ edit TV guide. I now have BBC 1 as channel 1 was 44, BBC 2 as channel 2 was 51 etc.
I can only presume digital setup is similar.

  the mole 08:50 22 Sep 2005

Thanks for the info I will try it and let u know.


  Minkey1 23:57 28 Sep 2005

We've got an AverMedia AVerTV DVB-T USB jobby and you can move stations within the set up utility.i.e. it may set E4+1 at channel 1 position but you can move BBC1 to occupy that place. If you have the same one post back and I'll give destructions as the sliders to do it aren't particularly clear.


  the mole 20:05 01 Oct 2005

Hi Mike

It sounds as though I do have the same one as you so if you could send the 'destructions' that would be great and mcuh appreciated.


  Minkey1 18:07 27 Oct 2005

Sorry mate, missed your post back. Did you manage to solve it ?


  the mole 08:33 28 Oct 2005

Hi Minkey1
No I have not resolved it. My response on 1/10/05 It sounds as though I do have the same one as you so if you could please send the 'destructions'that would be great and much appreciated. Cheers

  puma22 08:43 28 Oct 2005

Hi Mole, i have the avermedia digital/analogue card and even though it is relatively easy to change on the set up menue, it doesnt like me doing it. I cannot get it to record the right cnannels after changing the numbers. Sorry cant be of more help

  Minkey1 23:55 28 Oct 2005


I posted a reply, then found I'd been auto logged out ! AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH.

In future I'll know to copy/paste first !

Anyway. Our unit is an AVerTV DVB-T USB 2.0

On initial scanning we had the same problem i.e channels were found and listed, but not in the order we're used to with a TV.

Part from memory (the kit is away with my daughter at Uni now, she went after I first posted a reply!) click Set Up then Programs/Channels. Your current set will be listed. Using the slider bars on the right, click on the channel you want to move then use one of the sliders to move it within the set. I can't be definite from memory and seem to think there are 2 sets of sliders, so a bit of judicious playing around is called for.

I have a print of the manual but curiously it doesn't seem to cover this issue and I only found the solution by messing around myself.

Having got them in the order you're used to, Apply then OK.

If you've got another channel set for another location (maybe somewhere you are regularly based at) you'd want to repeat the process. based)

Hope this helps.


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