Changing a celeron cpu

  hullguy28 10:45 19 Feb 2008

Hi there i have a hp pavilion 8635 pc which is currently running an intel celeron 500mhz cpu and wanted to upgrade the processor and have purchased a celeron sl5xs which has the same socket but when i put this into the machine my monitor stays on standby and the computer wont boot it just powers on and nothing happens. Both processors have the same socket if i put my old cpu in it works fine can anyone help?

  xania 10:57 19 Feb 2008

You will have to check your mobo manual - your mobo may not support this new cpu or you may have to modify some jumper settings or items in the BIOS to allow for timing changes. You may find some help here

click here

  Totally-braindead 11:01 19 Feb 2008

The likely answer is the motherboard does not support this processor and if this is the case theres nothing you can do. Just because its the same type of socket is no guarantee it will work.

I had a look on the HP website and found some info but no name for the motherboard.

Try SIW and see if it tells you the name of the board I though its a Intel 810 chipset but not the name of the motherboard click here if you can find the name of the motherboard you MIGHT find it can support some sort of faster processor but it may well be that what you have you are stuck with.

  Mufassa 11:10 19 Feb 2008

Completely agree with Totally Braindead.

I had a Dell 3100 with celeron cpu, I bought intel pentium 4 with HT, same socket type etc. When I booted up, it kept going in a boot cycle and my moinitor acted the same way.

Basically I had the exact symptoms. It turned out, that the motherboard was not compatible with the pentium 4, even though it was the same socket type.

This, unfortunately, is where Dell have you by the short and curlies.

  Belatucadrus 11:13 19 Feb 2008

By trying a 1.2Ghz chip, you've almost certainly gone outside the parameters of what your MOBO / BIOS combination can recognise or work with. I had a look at the HP site and while it gives general guidance on upgrading, there's not much specific about what CPU range it supports.
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I'd either check the Mother Board for identifying marks or try running WinAudit click here. When you identify the MOBO, go to the manufacturers website and check out the specification.
If I'm right, then it may be possible to update the BIOS so that it will recognise the new CPU. But BIOS updates are very high risk and as they may end up killing the PC stone dead if the process doesn't go to plan then consider very carefully before proceeding. Best to check with the manufacturer anyway, 500 to 1.2G is a big jump and it could be an upgrade too far.

  Totally-braindead 11:18 19 Feb 2008

Its not Dells fault, its not anyones really. What happens is that Intel or AMD if its an AMD motherboard create a new processor using a different design but the same socket, they do this mainly to make the processor work faster and better as things advance and processor get new features such as dual core.

If you wanted to blame someone I suppose you could technically blame Intel but not Dell as its hardly their fault that newer processors are created that work differently and that cannot work with older motherboards. When the motherboard was made these processors didn't even exist so you can't blame Dell for them not working.

Only other thing they could do would be bring out new sockets all the time every time they altered something and thats not a good idea either.

  Quiet Life 15:08 19 Feb 2008

HP have motherboards manufactured to their specification and the bios is also supplied by them. The board maybe based on a retail board but trying to update the bios with the manufacturers bios will be a disaster.
I recently updated a PC133 board which covered Celeron 300-800 or Pentium 111 500-1130.
I replaced the 700 Celeron with a Pentium 111 900
with just replacing the processor.
I think your 1.2 celeron is as said above a step too far.
Celerons are really very poor processors and a Pentium 111 is a very big improvement. It would be worth trying one if you can get it for free.

  DieSse 15:22 19 Feb 2008

The 500MHz Celeron and the 1,2GHz Celeron are quite different animals. They just happen to fit in the same socket - but they are different internally and use different voltages.

Your older motherboard will almost certainly have no way of upgrading to use the later type processor.

You need to be very careful what upgrade processors you can fit, as some speeds of Pentium III exist as both the older and newer types.

  DieSse 15:29 19 Feb 2008

If you're interested in the detail, look down the right hand side of this page click here - and you can take links of to the various processor types.

  Stuartli 16:02 19 Feb 2008

>>This, unfortunately, is where Dell have you by the short and curlies.>>

Not quite true. It's common to all system manufacturers, as new CPUs and sockets are being continuously developed and introduced; the same principle applies to other components.

  hullguy28 21:09 19 Feb 2008

Hi all thanks for replying the motherboard is an asus hawk 1.08 im not 100% about compatability as i cannot find any specs on it. If this board is no good can anyone recommend a basic board what will do its job and also fit into a hp pavilion 8635 casing.


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