changing to cable

  baa 14:04 27 Nov 2010

Bt say that in the near future I will be able to get cable.
At the moment I use a speedtouch 330.
My pc does not have a wireless card.
Will my speedtouch work, or do I have to go wireless, if so will any card do.

  bremner 14:15 27 Nov 2010

I assume you mean BT Infinity and therefore all packages include an Infinity Hub which will allow wired or wireless connections. click here

  Graham. 14:15 27 Nov 2010

Do you mean Infinity? click here

  mgmcc 14:18 27 Nov 2010

If BT's Cable is similar to Virgin Media's, you will be supplied with a "Cable Modem" to which the PC connects by ethernet. Alternatively, you can connect a wireless "Cable/DSL Router" to the Cable Modem to provide internet access to multiple computers, connecting either by ethernet or "wirelessly".

  GaT7 14:26 27 Nov 2010

Fibre-optic (FO) cable broadband is supplied via a different cable, & you'll also use a different modem supplied by them, along with a BT Infinity Home Hub, which is a wireless router (more info at click here).

If you have the new FO cable enter your home near where you have your computer, then no wireless is required as you can plug it straight into your PC's network/ethernet input via the new modem.

Otherwise, you'll have to buy an internal wireless card or external wireless USB dongle that shouldn't cost more than £10. G

  letsgetrdy 18:13 27 Nov 2010

BTs fibre optic is only to the cabinet, it uses to copper on the last stretch to your house via your phoneline. The engineer can rewire any socket you ask to be your master socket (the entrance point of the house). Mine is in my office, then from the socket to the BT open reach vdsl modem, then to the infinity hub.

The term cable is usually used to reffer to coax (virgin media).

BT will supply your new hardware, as your old parts are not vdsl compatible.

You wont need a wifi card so long as your computer is near a phone socket.

  letsgetrdy 18:16 27 Nov 2010

Just to clarify, no actual wires will be laid (unless in extreme circumstances, ie old house), he can internally re-direct the signal by just opening up each phone socket.

  bremner 18:34 27 Nov 2010

The final stage of true Fibre for BT is Fibre to the Home - FTTH. BT have started the trial with this click here

  Graham. 19:27 27 Nov 2010

Just to clarify - FTTC is Fibre To The Cabinet, known as the 'E' side. As you say, the existing copper 'D' side is used to the house.

FTTH is Fibre To The Home, BT's Infinity.

The 'Fibre' is fibre optic, a strand of glass that transmits light, not co-ax.

  bremner 19:29 27 Nov 2010

BT Infinity is not FTTH

It may one day be so but not yet it is only being trialled

  letsgetrdy 21:13 27 Nov 2010

Yep. Its definitly not ftth as I myself have it. I doubt many places will see deployment off ffth for a few months yet, although i heard about some more going out in december a while back. FTTC will apply to the poster. If he cant get fttc now, then bt wont start by putting ftth in his area. It will start with fttc.

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