Changing C: Drive with Acronis

  IClaudio 08:48 26 Nov 2008

Three years ago, the 'huge' [sic] 150-gig C: drive on my new computer seemed to be big enough to last for the life of the machine - but now, I'm bumping along, continually trying to find enough room to run Vista (I never quite manage, about 15 gigs free space is as much as I can free up, even after moving all the games/audio/video and data to assorted external drives).

The postman's bringing me a shiny 1TB disc, which I intend to use as my new C:, copying the present one with Acronis.

First, will the demo version be enough to make a Clone (which is what I assume I'll need to do?) or should I get the full version?

And once I've made the clone, will the OS run from the new C: as it does now? If it does, can I re-jig the partitions using Acronis or should I use Vista for that?

TIA for your comments.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:48 26 Nov 2008

Not sure if the demo version will actually do what you need.

What make is your new drive?
The drive manufacturers often have a free cut down version of Acronis / partition software on their sites to do what you want.

  IClaudio 10:41 26 Nov 2008

It's a Samsung SpinThing, arrived 10 mins ago, but sadly, no cable with it...

I'll peruse their site now, thanx, hadn't thought of that

I think the main thing missing from the demo is the Incremental Backup.

  IClaudio 17:34 30 Nov 2008

Installed the Samsung, and Cloned my original C: Drive to the Samsung. Then re-booted and changed the Samsung to be the Primary Boot. Hey Presto, a nice shiny new C: Drive with a Lunar Landscape of space - and everything's much faster as a result.

I was so impressed with Acronis that I bought the full version before I started, and it was very good, doing everything I wanted - it cloned the original drive and increased the partition sizes relatively.

I'll keep my original 150G drive as a backup in case the Samsung falls over.

I'd recommend Acronis and I'd recommend the Samsung 1TB drive :)

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