Changing Browsers. Can I keep my e-mail address?

  algey 22:11 30 Mar 2013


Am thinking of changing my browser from IE to Google chrome. Is it possible to keep my BT Yahoo e-mail address?


  rdave13 22:19 30 Mar 2013

Browsers are only a means to go online. Chrome, on install, should ask if you want to import favourites from IE, so select yes. You can have IE open and Chrome open at the same time. If you want your home page the same in Chrome then copy your home page address in IE then paste in the address bar in Chrome. Go to the 'tools' section in Chrome (an icon like a blurry letter I believe) on top right then find out where it is to set the home page and insert the address.

  rdave13 22:23 30 Mar 2013

If you want Yahoo as your home page in Chrome then use this link in Chrome.

You can have as many browsers as you like on your PC, it makes no difference if you use web mail.

  algey 23:03 30 Mar 2013


Thanks very much for your early reply. Have had problems with IE (internet connection problems)and have experienced none with Google Chrome,and the only thing that has stopped me making it my default browser is having too change my e-mail address.

Again thank you.

  rdave13 23:19 30 Mar 2013

I wouldn't make Chrome the default browser even though you now use it.

I don't know your Operating System but within Internet Explorer you can click on tools, internet options, click on the advanced tab at the top and you can then re-set Intenet Explorer. All your favourites (bookmarks) will be saved but you will need to re-enable your add-ons. I would do that a few at a time in case one of them is actually causing a problwm with Internet Explorer.

  Ian in Northampton 17:43 31 Mar 2013

Just to put the counter point of view... :-) I've had Chrome as my default browser on all my machines pretty much since launch, and it's been entirely reliable. But: there are sites (like internal ones at work) that only work properly with IE, so I keep that installed just in case...

  Woolwell 17:50 31 Mar 2013

I have one program that insists on having IE as the default browser or it will not update. It's a poor bit of programming but I have to put up with it. There is no need to make Chrome your default browser but it can be helpful but it depends on each person's set up.

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