Changing browser from IE to Google Chrome

  algey 22:26 27 Mar 2013


Am thinking of changing my IE browser to Google Chrome. So far I have been able to transfer my Favourites (bookmarks) but am unable to transfer the downloads I have made using IE. IE have a 'tools' button which opens up my downloads but I cannot see how to transfer it to Google Chrome.

Thank You

  alanrwood 10:37 28 Mar 2013

If you are keeping all your downloaded files in a specific downloads folder then set this to be the default download location in the Chrome/Settings by clicking on the three horizontal bar icon at top right.

You would be better to store your downloads in more appropriate folders ie Music, Movies etc after downloading them and leave the downloads folder clear for new downloads.

  woodchip 11:56 28 Mar 2013

You do not need to change you just load Chrome then import bookmarks from IE

  alanrwood 14:38 28 Mar 2013

Algey says he has already transferred his bookmarks and was asking about his downloads.

  woodchip 21:11 29 Mar 2013

that's controlled by the browser settings that he uses. he chooses the destination folder or ask where to save files to

  algey 22:19 29 Mar 2013

Hi Everybody

Thanks for your replies. I did post 24 hours ago,but obviously wasn't successful!

Am following alanrwoods advice and bearing in mind woodchips.

  tech_wise 04:15 31 Mar 2013

Hi everyone,

Algey - something else you may want to bear in mind is the (somewhat unfortunate) fact that Internet Explorer doesn't properly clear it's history.

So even if you move to Chrome and delete IE from your computer, there will still be files that contain your browsing history.

This really surprised me when I found out and I imagine it has caught many people out!

This post explain it in more detail and how to deal with it.

  algey 18:38 31 Mar 2013

tech_wise thanks for that. Very interesting.

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