Changing broadband supplyer

  lamgas 14:00 30 Aug 2004

I have conntacted Wanadoo regarding changing my broadband connecting from BT to Wanadoo, they informed me that it could take up to 30 days for the change over to take place. Can anyone give me their experiance of changing their supplyer.

  xalemo 15:05 30 Aug 2004

why don't you tell wanadoo you want to start with them in 30 days and cancel your bt for that same period? The worst sistuation would leave you with no internet for a few days.
This is waht happened when I switched from telewest to pipex, no internet for about a week, but hey!that's all right!
The only problem was telewest, trying to get through the cancelation department, I had to kid on I was leaving the country!
Why don't you check pipex, they're cheap, lost connection once in 1 1/2 year, check their website, look for pipex in this forum.

  johnnyrocker 15:34 30 Aug 2004

if you migrate from one isp to another the process is 30 days (when it works properly) but actual downtime should be a matter of hours, a day at most.


  Djohn 16:29 30 Aug 2004

Go through the migration route. Inform your new ISP that you wish to migrate to them, they should take care of all details and only require a CBUK number from you which is obtained from your present supplier on request to migrate.

Phone your current ISP and inform them you wish to migrate to another ISP and ask them for your CBUK number [ADSL line reference number] pass this on to your intended ISP, thew will or should now do all the necessary work.

It may take up to 30 days but can be done in as few as 3 days. If you cancel then you have to wait for your current provider to end your contract, then for BT to disconnect at the exchange, only then can you apply to a new ISP who will need to do a line check, notify BT and wait for BT to do the connection.

With migration, the BT engineer will disconnect and re-connect on the same visit to the exchange and you should only be off-line for 10-20 minutes.

Good luck with the move. j

  johnnyrocker 17:14 30 Aug 2004

it has changed d john the person wishing to change approaches his existing isp for a 'mac' number (migration authority code) and provides his new isp with this and it all goes through in the manner i previously posted,


  Djohn 17:24 30 Aug 2004

Below is a guide from my ISP on how to migrate.


The migration works as follows:

To allow us to initiate migration, you should contact your existing ISP and ask them to provide you with a Migrations Authority Code (MAC) Code.

A MAC code is used to authenticate the migration request from your current ISP to Zen.

The use of a MAC makes migrations between ISPs simpler and quicker to validate enabling the migration to be completed in a much shorter timescale than previously possible.

Please make the ISP aware that you are migrating to Zen Internet and do not want your ADSL service ceased (cancelled) until the migration has been completed.

Place an order online at click here where you will be asked for the MAC Code and ISP Name.

Once your order has been accepted and [ongoing] payment has been processed, we will send a migration request to BT. They will then send an e-mail to your existing ISP requesting migration to Zen Internet.

Once this request has been accepted, the order will be processed and will be subject to our normal 5 working day lead time.

Your present ADSL service will continue to be provided until the migration is completed. We will send you information by e-mail to let you know the precise date when ZenADSL service will first be provided and all the details needed to use and maintain your new Internet connection.

  johnnyrocker 18:13 30 Aug 2004

yw as always.


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