Changing the battery problems

  Venus 06:48 25 Jan 2003

Hi, I have had to change the battery in an old computer three times, until I tracked the problem down to a faulty PSU. Once I took it out and took it to the local electronics store to make sure I got the right one, I then did some shopping etc. and it took about two hours before I finally put the new on back in (the machine was switched of, naturally). Another friend says the left a machine without a battery for days before putting a new one in (also switched off, an old AT machine).
The thing is another friend, who knows quite a bit about computers, surprised me by saying he was 'scared' to change a battery. He seems to think that you can 'wipe the BIOS' completely like this and have to replace it. He probably knows more than I do about computers, generally, but I do know, from personal experience(which always teaches us the most) that there is no danger in taking out a battery in the circumstances I describe).
However I have read somewhere that, if you keep on using a bad battery and ignoring the 'Checksum Error' by pressing F1 to continue all the time, eventually you will run into big trouble - but can anybody enlighted me as to what exactly happens? I'd like to know more about this, please.


  -pops- 07:07 25 Jan 2003

You don't "wipe the BIOS completely" all that happens is that it resets to its default values - exactly the same as happens when you leave a dead battery in there.

For many machines this doesn't matter one jot BUT is you have altered you BIOS in any way you will need to reset those personalised settings. That is why the motherboard manuals alway tell you to write down any changes that you make.

Operating without a battery is not advisable as all your dates and other variables are not retained when you shut down and this can cause some very odd behaviour and problems when you boot up again.


  Venus 07:15 25 Jan 2003

Thanks Brian,
I just wondered why my friend was so worried he is convinced that taking the battery out can ruin a BIOS in some way, even after I told him I'd done it several times already. I'll send him along to read this:-)

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