Changing Battery on MotherBoard

  Umbrella 09:32 07 Sep 2005

I have an IM845GL Motherboard and the Battery is in a very awkward position. I dont know if I can remove the two items that are in the way. Can anybody tell me how to change it please.

  MAJ 09:44 07 Sep 2005

First thing: what makes you think you need to change the battery, Umbrella?

If this click here is your motherboard, it is indeed in an awkward position, I can't see it in that picture, could you say where it is exactly and what you need to remove to access it.

  Umbrella 11:24 07 Sep 2005

My clock keeps slowing down. When I got in touch with a software company about it they said my battery may need changing.
As for the picture No that is not mine.

  MAJ 11:49 07 Sep 2005

Is the clock slowing down only when the computer is turned off (battery problem) or does it slow down even when the computer is turned on (possibly some other problem)? What do you have to move on the MB to get access to the battery?

  Umbrella 11:51 07 Sep 2005

My battery is located behind the PCI Slots.
Can these be removed.

  MAJ 11:59 07 Sep 2005

No you can't (normally) remove the PCI slots, Umbrella, it's hard to believe it's so inaccessible. If you remove some of the cards from the PCI slots, can you then access it?

If you have a digital camera, take a picture of it, that might give us a better idea of how to get at it.

  Umbrella 12:25 07 Sep 2005

Yes I do have a digital camera but I have just e-mailed eMachines to see if they can advise me.
The only way I can see round it is by removing the whole motherboard which really I did not want to do.

  Umbrella 12:28 07 Sep 2005

When it comes to the technical side of things I am a complete novice so I dont know what you mean by removing some of the cards.

  Eric10 12:30 07 Sep 2005

I think this is the motherboard. click here. Not a very good photo but I have arrowed what seems to be the battery, mounted vertically. It may help if you have something non metallic to grip the battery with or perhaps pointed nose plyers or tweezers with insulation tape wrapped around the jaws so as not to short out the battery. As MAJ says, you will need to remove any PCI cards that may be fitted in the slots.

  Umbrella 14:52 07 Sep 2005

Yes thats the one and I have tried with tweezers but cannot get a grip on it.
I still dont know what you mean by PCI cards.

  MAJ 14:56 07 Sep 2005

A "card" might be a modem, a sound card etc. that will be plugged into the PCI slot, Umbrella. If there is one in that PCI slot next to the battery, take it out to allow better access to the battery. The battery holder will probably have a little clip that you depress or move to one side to allow the battery to be released easier.

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