changed zone alarm for sygate ??

  Magik ®© 09:17 20 Sep 2005

hi, I have changed from zone alarm to sygate, when the laptop is switched on there are loads of progs trying to connect and serve, for want of a couple of better words,

we have all this "generic host" and "backweb" and so on, are they needed, i find myself just clicking "deny" all the time, mind you i did only put sygate in last night...i just do not understand what it is all about....can anyone throw any light on it.......thanks..

  De Marcus™ 09:23 20 Sep 2005

Basically sygate is asking you whether you want to grant particular program's acces to the net, in most cases you should tick yes and it shouldn't bother asking you again, as it learns. The generic host process is fine, next time it comes up put a tick in the box so it doesn't ask you again. Backweb is different unless you have a logitech keyboard installed, otherwise it could be spyware. Keep blocking it until your sure.

  De Marcus™ 09:26 20 Sep 2005

Sorry, backweb doesn't just belong to logitech products, Backweb is a generic, background downloading tool also that software vendors can incorporate into their product to download data (e.g. product updates) to the user's PC. Its operation depends on the instructions given to it by the individual software vendor who bundles it. While this software has been neither exhonorated nor convicted of malice, some aspects of its installation and operation appear suspect. Additionally, some users have associated it with the appearance of unwanted advertising windows.

  Magik ®© 10:11 20 Sep 2005

thanks for that, i will do as you say....

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