Changed tp DDR Ram do i have to change latency set

  pokemom 01:42 29 Apr 2006

ings in tha bios cause i see some thing about better stability ,but as ED-O knows the boards and the barton ,i was just wondering as i have fitted them and they register as 512 in sys properties ,but as the cpu is 2500+ do i have to change for better stability (as im still waiting on correct board),so at the mo i have the K7S5A with Athlon 2500+XP with 512 ddr and i was testing the cpz ,progam and it also come up then correctly but dont undersyand the latency ,bit ,thanks lads if your not to busy ,Cheers again!!!!!!!! and dont forget its running at 266fsb with the barton core.

  User-312386 07:44 29 Apr 2006

you dont say what type of ram you have

  ed-0 07:48 29 Apr 2006

No there is no need to change it. The eprom chip on the memory will tell the system what latency the memory can run at. The exceptions are that the motherboard can not run the memory at the higher frequecy and latency, so it will drop the latency down so it can run at the higher frequency.

If the system is not crashing and runs smoothly, just leave it.

If it is not;

What speed is your ddr memory?

and the latency is ?

ps never seen a k7s5a motherboard in my life, but have used higher cpu's than motherboards are supposed to take.;-)

  pokemom 19:40 29 Apr 2006

i m not enrirly sure but i know it ddr pc 2100 if thas any hlp 256x 2

  pokemom 19:42 29 Apr 2006

And whats madboy goin on about ,,,why ?

  pokemom 19:45 29 Apr 2006

oh and by the way it crashes now and again ,where as i never did before ,i mean complete reboot?,sin nvidia and ram ,and the nvidia i have trtied to update it with no joy i say no hard ware detected on the link i was given in the past on th forun ""

  ed-0 20:04 29 Apr 2006

Yea pc2100 2 X256mb is fine.

Pop into the advanced setup page in the bios, move down to SDR/DDR cas latency. What's the setting

SPD? if it is, drop it down to 3 clock cycles.

If it is still unstable you may have to drop the fsb down to 100Mhz. Can't see why it's not stable though.

Have you had problems with your graphics card, why are you trying to update the drivers? Sometimes doing that can make the system unstable.

  ed-0 11:48 30 Apr 2006

There is one thing to bear in mind.

IF the machine was stable before using the barton

IF you had no problems with the graphics card

IF you had no problems with windows

You MAY have bought a barton that has been overclocked to the limit and damaged.

It IS strange that the seller did not know that a 2500+ was a barton

It IS strange that you got it for a very reasonable price.

It IS strange that the seller could not vouch of it's working condition " but i got it on ebay for 25 and it didnt say barton cause the geezer didnt know (????)" click here

I think you must bear in mind that it may be damaged:-(

  pokemom 21:44 30 Apr 2006

Very true ed , that is a very good point ,i totally agree with you ,well mext week i will be getting the right board for it and then i will see ,but, i put the graphics card in after the barton and also with the ddr as well but it hasnt haooened yet but i do editing and all sorts .stuff i would say is pretty heavy for a small desktop ,but bac to the barton ,yes that is a good point mapparently there unlocked thats why it can run at 266 ,did you see the article i posted for you ED-O ? thnaks again

  pokemom 21:50 30 Apr 2006

and the graphic seems to have settled down now and before i have awful blue screen crashes and i went to try to play halo 1 and it said that there is awful conflicts with the drivers and to try to up date them for compat ,to hopefully play the game ,but no joy as yet !

  Stuartli 22:07 30 Apr 2006

The specifications for the 2500+ can be found at:

click here

click here

or click here

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