Changed Monitors, Now PC Won't Boot

  asoftware 01:35 17 Aug 2007

I have an older PC that had a 17 inch CRT monitor. It works fine. To travel, however, I took my wife's smaller 15 inch LCD screen. Now, the PC shows Windows 2000 screen, then goes dark and won't boot to windows. any help?

  Gongoozler 07:20 17 Aug 2007

Can the computer boot into Safe Mode? click here

  asoftware 21:25 18 Aug 2007

No, I haven't gotten it to boot up to anything. Again, the PC works fine, since at home (10 hours away), it boots up fine. Here, I'm using a different monitor. I successfully see the Windows 2000 screen, see the progress bar, and just as it's about to boot to Windows, it goes blank, and says it can't receive a signal.

By the way the monitor is a Mag Innovision 15 inch. The driver I have in the PC is a Rage 128 (not the 128 Pro, just the normal 128).

Thanks in advance for your help.

  justme 22:41 18 Aug 2007

It may seem a strange request, but have you tried adjusting the brightness/contrast of the monitor. It may have been accidentally changed during your travels.

  daba 22:48 18 Aug 2007

At first I thought it might be a resolution problem, that the PC video output is set for more pixels than the monitor can handle, but then I saw that it doesn't work in safe mode.

However, I think you may have answered your own question, justme. "...the monitor is a Mag Innovision 15 inch. The driver I have in the PC is a Rage 128...". Suggest you get hold of the correct drivers and try again, there could be an incompatability.

  DieSse 23:10 18 Aug 2007

It's more than likely the refresh rate. On a CRT monitor you would normally have the refresh rate high, for a non-flickering picture.

On a LCD monitor you need to set it to 60Hz - and too high a setting may well cause an inexpensive monitor (which the Magvision ones are) to switch off.

It won't be a driver problem - you don't need a special driver for any monitor to at least function.

The thing is, that after the progress bar, that's when the driver gets loaded, and the adapter will switch from basic, work with anything settings, to the driver settings, which include the resolution and refresh rates you set in Windows.

  Devil Fish 23:21 18 Aug 2007

try hitting f8 when the bar comes on the bottom to get into vga mode then adjust your resolution

it may be the resolution your card is running at is not supported by the monitor

  Gongoozler 06:20 19 Aug 2007

The boot screen is OK, so a hardware fault is very unlikely. Therefore the problem is almost certainly either a resolution setting or a fault in Windows. My first posting links to a description of how to boot to Safe Mode in Windows 2000. If that doesn't help, try the 15inch monitor again.

  Rich_B 13:39 19 Aug 2007

The pc showing the 2000 splash screen means the PC hardware must be able to handle the LCD screen or you wouldn't see that much.

The raster image disappearing after Windows 2K starts means that as the start progresses it is loading a driver that works with the CRT, but not the LCD.

Booting into Safe Mode loads Windows with fewer drivers and so there is a very good chance the LCD will work in Safe mode, then you can re-install the drivers. So, to do this reboot the PC pressing the F8 button. When the Windows Advanced Options menu appears, select an option, and then press ENTER.

When the Boot menu appears again, with the words "Safe Mode" displayed in red at the bottom, select the installation you want to start, and then press ENTER.

This should take you into Windows Safe Mode. If you have a screen image you can then go into Control panel and detect hardware changes. To load a new driver for the screen.

If this doesn't detect the screen, then go to Control Panel/System/Harware/Device Manager and reinstall the drivers for the screen.

Good luck

  Stuartli 14:01 19 Aug 2007

It's probably, as suggested, the colour/resolution/refresh rates already set, or a combination of the three, that's causing the problem; I know as I've been there...:-)

I would try putting the original monitor back temporarily and altering the colour/resolution/refresh rates to that required by the TFT monitor.

Switch monitors, reboot and see if that cures it.

  asoftware 14:09 19 Aug 2007

OK, OK, you're right!!! After working with this for so long, I was wrong. I had not gone through F8 and Safe Mode. That was the key!

Don't ask me what I was thinking, but I had been working on this so long maybe I just assumed I had tried virtually everything. :-)

Once I got the 640x480 via Safe Mode, I could connect and download the real driver.

Thanks for all of your prompt -- and accurate -- help.


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