Changed drive letter

  Ambasedor 10:19 01 Apr 2008

I have an external hard drive. My PC has now decided to change its letter from I to J. Al my shortcuts and Programs listed now cant find what they are supposed to. How do i change it back to I. I have tried clicking and renaming but i now get it named both letters i.e. Local disk (I:) (J:) !!!!!!!!!!

  johnnyrocker 10:22 01 Apr 2008

sytstem restore?


  simmo09 10:25 01 Apr 2008

as johnnyrocker said,

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

  rawprawn 10:28 01 Apr 2008

Control Panel <Admin Tools >Computer Management >DisK Management >Right click on the drive and select Change Drive Letter

  oldjohn 12:39 01 Apr 2008

An external hard drive should be the last drive letter in the drive chain,if you added another optical drive, this would be assigned to the next drive letter,if you then boot up without your external hard drive connected it will move the optical drive up one letter, and next time you plug in your external hard drive it would move down a letter! (not all m/boards behave this way). Could this be what happened to you?

  Ambasedor 12:53 01 Apr 2008

Hi All,

I tried system restore but it did not restore at all.
Tried rawprawns way and that worked.

oldjohn there was nothing else conected at the time so although this may happen it was not the cause this time. I do have a rogue windows program in my tray on the task bar telling me i have spyware that i cant get rid of with either spybot or my AV prog so that may have been the cause. It keeps popping up and telling me to download antispyware but i dont trust it and it wont delete. Its a big red dot with a white diagonal cross on it so i will have to try and find it and somehow get rid of it.
So so far so good thanks guys.

  rawprawn 12:57 01 Apr 2008

From your description It sounds like Super Ad Blocker trying to update. This program is associated with SuperAntispyware. If that is the case it is not a problem. Look in Add/Remove programs.
If it isn't post back and tell us what it is.

  Ambasedor 16:47 01 Apr 2008

Managed to get rid of it. It was a .exe file. It was trying to access the internet but zone alarm would not let it. I tried to delete it but it would not got. It was in windows system 32 so I booted in safe mode and got rid of it that way. It did not show in any program list. Thanks again guys

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