Changed cpu System wont boot

  gartoye 20:22 01 Nov 2005

Existing sys:
Mobo - ECS k7s5a
CPU - AthlonXP 1000mhz
Bios - American megatrends version 07.00T

New CPU: AthlonXP 2000+ (used)

Hi, my system wont boot with my new cpu fitted, the psu powers up & i get a flash across the optical drives but no bios beep and the monitor seems to stay in standby. Please advise what the next steps should be. sisoft sandra says my bios is old & should be updated, but the bios website warns me not to flash my bios if my computer works as the system may fail to boot altogether, ive never flashed a bios before & am reluctant to do so. Is it anything to do with the bios anyway? my mobo manual says the max cpu size is 2000mhz so i figured the existing bios would be ok & i wouldnt need to change any settings. The cpu was the only thing left to upgrade on my little old pc & im not sure what to do, please help!

  TAMPICO 20:35 01 Nov 2005

Have you tried to see if it boots up with your old CPU installed

  gartoye 20:57 01 Nov 2005

Yes it works fine i swapped back to post this thread, im just not sure what to do now

  jimv7 21:09 01 Nov 2005

from a 1000mhz to a 2000mhz, i doubt if the motherboard supports that size jump. you propably do need either a bios update or another motherboard.

  gartoye 21:24 01 Nov 2005

the motherboard manual does state cpu speeds up to 2000mhz, is flashing your bios nothing special? the bios website says my sys may fail to boot

  Diemmess 21:35 01 Nov 2005

If your motherboard manual says you may need to update your BIOS chip (Flashing it) and you are absolutely sure you have the correct name and BIOS then 'Flashing' is straight forward.

Download both the necessary update from the manufacturer's website and any instructions that go with it.

Read the instructions and understand exactly how to go about it. Follow the procedure through first in your mind and secondly for real and the thing is easy.

Short cuts and second guessing are out, unless you want to risk needing a new mobo.

  gartoye 21:43 01 Nov 2005

thanks Diemmess, just double checking i have the exact bios version, my motherboard definately does support the new cpu. ive been looking at asite which suggests clearing cmos, im gonna try this first.

  Splork 21:58 01 Nov 2005

Is your installed memory fast enough for the new CPU?

  keith-236785 08:07 02 Nov 2005

the k7s5a supports 200/266 mhx fsb, make sure your new proc isnt a 333mhz fsb

it clearly states in the manual that the processors supprted go upto the XP2000 FSB 266MHz (page 10)

you could try clearing the cmos (page 7) which will set the FSB back to the default safe 100MHz (200MHz ) and see if it will boot at that.

are you using SDRAM or DDR memory? (you cant mix the two)

if you can now see anything, enter the bios, goto the right pane and the CPU PnP Setup, set the FSB to 266 (cpu frequency & DRAM Frequency) and exit saving the settings (F10 save & exit)

reboot your pc, if you get anything on the screen, check your proc is reported as a XP2000.

best of luck.

  gudgulf 11:04 02 Nov 2005

Are you 100% sure that the new (used) cpu was working when you bought it?

Do you have or know of another pc that you could try the new (to you) cpu in?

It would be worth making sure the cpu works before updating the BIOS.Especially if resetting to the BIOS defaults(clearing the CMOS) doesn't let the pc boot.

  Diemmess 13:24 02 Nov 2005

gudgulf - I'm glad you asked that question it is fundamental.

- Don't entirely agree that resetting the BIOS to factory defaults will prevent the PC booting?

On an average PC the major settings are often left as ex-factory. Any resetting can usually be sorted later, once the computer is proved "live."

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