Changed CMOS battery now having problems

  nighteagle88 21:31 13 Oct 2009

Hi like the title says i changed the CMOS battery on my PC becuase the date and time kept resetting itself, but now when i turn on the computer it just freezes on the bios startup screen.

The only way to get round it is to enter the bios menu then just click save and exit and the pc starts up like normal and loads, but when i switch it off it freezes again and i have to enter the bios menu again then press save and exit. Hopefully someone knows a solution.

  ashleycardwell94 21:41 13 Oct 2009

your pc may have 3 pins on your mobo near the battery, 2 will be taken up by a small fitting, if you move thwe fitting so it takes up the middle and the oher side, this will reset it. start up the pc, shutdown and move the fittibg back to original position

  Ashrich 21:42 13 Oct 2009

When in the bios navigate to the section where you load the default settings , press f10 to save to the bios then let it restart , see if that helps , otherwise , if this is a desktop m/b have a look for the bios jumper and move it to the next pin for a few seconds to reset the bios , then move it back and reboot . Also make sure the battery is placed the correct way round


  DieSse 22:34 13 Oct 2009

After changing a battery, the correct procedure is to reset the CMOS using the jumper - then enter any changes you want and save them.

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