Change of Web Design software causing problems

  Lady Lara 19:56 06 Aug 2005

I have a page (click here) and it was designed with FP 2003. Now I have discovered Dreamweaver 2004 and i like it!!

Problem is I have uploaded a new page using DW and i can see it in my cPanelX file manager. Problem is I have a link button on my website that i wish to find and display the new DW page.

How do i do it please?

  PurplePenny 20:54 06 Aug 2005

I'm not quite following what the problem is. Do you want to put a link on one of the pages that you originally created in Frontpage? Do you have a local copy of the site (on your PC)?

I'm not familiar with DM but you probably need to import the whole site into it, have you done that?

  Forum Editor 12:06 07 Aug 2005

then make your changes. DreamWeaver will import FrontPage sites and vice-versa.

  Lady Lara 15:45 07 Aug 2005

Thanks FE.... When I select Import I can only do Word, Excel, XMl into Template or Tabular Data. Is this the right place to do it or am i way off key.

Seems the right option though.

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