change Speedtouch 330 to NetgearDG834G

  healy 09:47 09 Nov 2007

Help please I'm going mad!!!

I have a broadband connection using a Speedtouch USB modem on my home pc. My employers want me to use my work 'wireless enabled' laptop to access our server via my broadband account (which I currently do on my home pc). They have given me the Netgear DG834G and told me to install myself.
I have connected netgear using ethernet cable to NIC port on home pc and left speedtouch connected to phone line and home pc (usb) as instructed by the I.T guys at work - however when I switch on the netgear wizard starts to fire up and I get the message "No ASDL detected" - do I need another cable to connect the Netgear to the phone line????

  healy 10:24 09 Nov 2007

It says its a combined modem & router but when I took the speedtouch modem away, I couldnt get any internet connection whats so ever...I got as far a typing in the IP address in the IE window and it was then unable to connect!! how is your connected?

  The Kestrel 10:35 09 Nov 2007

Try this link click here to Netgear, it may help with your problem.

  The Kestrel 10:40 09 Nov 2007

Also a link click here to enable you to download the installation guide and manual if they were not supplied with the modem/router. By the way there should be an installation CD supplied which you simply put into your PC and follow the instructions.

  paul€ 10:49 09 Nov 2007

As above, you don't use your old modem. So disconnect it from the computer and from the phone line.

You should have a phone splitter attached to the phone box. Connect the supplied phone cable from the splitter to the back of the modem. it's the single port nearest the ariel.

Put the lan cable, supplied, from the router to the lan socket at the raer of the desktop computer. Place the power adapter into the mains socket so the router powers up.

Open Internet Explorer and type into the address bar and enter.

You should now have the router setup pages.

you then input your isp's details and look for the connected signal.

PS what is your ISP?

  healy 10:50 09 Nov 2007

I used the installation cd - it just showed me what to connect and where - will try again with the link you sent me which means that I'll have no web connection while i'm trying but I will let you know how it works!

  paul€ 10:51 09 Nov 2007

that should read

" You should have a phone splitter attached to the phone box. Connect the supplied phone cable from the splitter to the back of the modem."


to the back of the modem router.

  healy 11:42 09 Nov 2007

Thanks guys, tried again but no joy! I did notice that I dont have the 'wireless' light lit up. I don't get though the wizard set up as it fails on the connection - the last message I did a windonws diagnostic check and got "can not connect to internet using HTTP,HTTPS or FTP..."

  healy 12:26 09 Nov 2007

sorry just noticed your ps...I use freeserve (now organge)! Do you think my firewall could be an issue?? or is it the router i.e no 'wireless' light?

  Dipso 14:01 09 Nov 2007

So have you followed paul£'s advice i.e. do you have the RJ11 cable connected to the router and the phone socket as well as the network cable going from your laptop to the router.

Don't worry about wireless for now, you need to establish the connection first.

  healy 14:23 09 Nov 2007

yes I did have the cable going from router to phone socket and I did get the 'internet' light on, on the modem (which apparently mean there is a good connection. On the installation wizard it tells you that you need all lights on before proceeding - I have tried to continure but then I get the 'can not connect to the internet' issue. I am supposed to have a wireless adaptor /card(USB/SLOT) in my pc?? I onlt have the modem connected via an ethernet to my tower???

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