Zebrapec 21:57 18 Aug 2003

I have just connected without putting my password in the password box on dial up. So how do I make sure no one uses my internet now. Plus how do I change the password?

  .dave 22:19 18 Aug 2003

The only way that someone would be able to use your internet would be to use your PC as that is the only place the password is stored.
But if you do want to change it so it prompts you for a password do the following.
Click tools then choose internet options from an Internet Explorer window.
Select connections then highlight your connection then click settings.
The next page should display your username and password.

  DieSse 23:18 18 Aug 2003

Your password in the Dial-up box should be controlled by your ISP - ie you and they have to agree what it is to allow you access to the net.

You shouldn't be able to laeve it out or change it arbitrarily and still get on to the net.

If you can, then your ISP is taking no notice of your password - and if that really is the case, you cannot do anything to prevent somebody else from using the net from your computer.

If you are sure about what you have done, then you must complain to your ISP about that state of affairs.

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