Change of Mobo & CPU

  sil_ver 19:31 30 Aug 2006

I shall be upgrading a PC with a new Mobo and CPU. should I format and reinstall XP? Ideally I would like to retain the info on the present setup. Would XP need reactivating after the reinstall? The CPU and Mobo will be different from the original.

  woodchip 19:34 30 Aug 2006

Try it first, But I would backup all your files etc before taking the plunge

  woodchip 19:35 30 Aug 2006

PS if it does go to windows then load the mobo drivers off the mobo CD

  Rayuk 19:41 30 Aug 2006

Have a look here see if it helps you
click here

  sil_ver 21:51 30 Aug 2006

Interesting link. I think my brain cell just exploded. I'm just going to answer the doorbell there's some men in white coats want a word :)

Seriously, thanks guys

  woodchip 22:14 30 Aug 2006

Yep just had a look. I see why

  DieSse 23:03 30 Aug 2006

*Would XP need reactivating after the reinstall?*

99% yes it will.

And if it's an OEM copy, the terms of the licence do not allow you to tranfer it to an upgraded motherboard. If it's a retail copy, then you entitled to transfer it.

  sil_ver 23:26 30 Aug 2006

It's retail so that's a relief and I've already backed up the wpa.dbl file (Win's prod activ'n)

  DieSse 23:28 30 Aug 2006

It's easier and more straightforward to reactivate than to mess about with the wpa file - especially in these days of WGA.

  sil_ver 23:33 30 Aug 2006

I'll bear that in mind

  Stuartli 23:38 30 Aug 2006

XP doesn't always like a new motherboard so you should immediately do a Repair XP - this will preserve your programs, applications, settings etc.


click here

for details.

I've had two new motherboards in the last 15 months and did an XP repair each time.

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