Change from ME to Window's 98

  Julianna 17:15 18 May 2003

I have a Dell Pentium 2, 64 MB Ram PC, which is struggling with the Windows ME. It is extremely slow and crashes often. I am considering changing down to Window's 98. Other than the fact that I haven't the faintest idea how to do the above task, I was wondering if it could result in loss of important data. Would it affect the E-mails, Favourits list?
Could somebody give me some well considered opinions and advise?

  The Spires 17:31 18 May 2003

You will have to or get someone to format & totally reinstall to go back to Windows 98. Others may disagree but I can't see any advantages in 98 over ME, it seems in fashion to knock ME without any justification I recently installed ME on a elderly 200mhz Pc without problem. Have the problems you are having recent or have they occurred over a period of time. Reinstalling may sort the issues but there could be other problems such as non functioning fans etc that are causing the crashes etc. Can you post back with details of your probs.

  OneSirKnight 17:35 18 May 2003

you will have to backup all important data to disk
"as you cannot install 98 over ME." did you install ME as an upgrade over 98? if so you can uninstall ME and you will return to 98,if not you will have to format your hard drive, and install 98. You may find reading this helpful.....

click here

  Julianna 17:44 18 May 2003

Thank you so much for replying. I have been having problems for the past 5 months, about 2 months after ME had been installed. I have recently ordered a software that will help me sort out computer crashes due to Window's problems. I will probably give that a try before I do anything else. I don't know if my troubles are due to actual hardware problems, but sometimes if I close and relaunch the programme that is playing up, matters improve.

  LastChip 17:47 18 May 2003

Bearing the above in mind, your easiest way is to back-up important data, re-format the drive (which will result in total data loss) and load Win 98. Make sure you have a Win 98 floppy boot disk.

You can actually remove Windows without resorting to this, but it is a fairly complex process, and you need a fair knowledge of commands in DOS to be able to achieve your objective.

You can certainly export your address book and e-mails and save your favorites folder.

In fact, everything you wish to keep, you need to save first on an alternative disk, because as already stated, a format will result in a clean drive.

  Forum Editor 17:50 18 May 2003

Should easily run Windows ME, and your problems probably have some other cause. We'll try to help you through them if you psot more detail.

If you really decide to go ahead and uninstall ME you can do so fairly easily but make sure you back up all your data files first. Ensure that you have Windows 98 drivers for all your devices (modem/printer etc.) and that you have software CDs and installation keys to hand, should you need them.

This is what you do to uninstall:-

1. Close all open or running programs.

2. Click Start/Settings, and then click Control Panel.

3. In Control Panel, click Add/Remove Programs.
On the Install/Uninstall tab, click Uninstall Windows Millennium Edition.

4. Double-click Uninstall Windows Millennium Edition. When you are prompted to continue with the uninstall, click Yes.

5. When you are prompted to have ScanDisk check your drive, click Yes. If you do not allow ScanDisk to check the drive, the uninstallation process does not continue.

6. After ScanDisk is finished, click Yes when you are prompted to continue with the uninstallation process. The computer reboots, and the uninstall process begins.

Uninstalling ME can sometimes produce irritating Scandisk error messages which stop the process if you have more than one drive partition (or hard drive)on your machine, and if this happens follow these steps:

1. Double-click the My Computer icon, and then check to see if each drive is formatted. To do so, right-click each drive, and then click Properties.

2. If 'File System' is followed by RAW, then the drive is not formatted.

3. Right-click on the drive and then click Format.

Now go ahead with the uninstall.

  woodchip 17:57 18 May 2003

I think before it will let you install Win98 before you format you will have to use a win98 boot disc from click here Start with disc and Type FDISK/MBR to clear the Master Boot Record As you are downgrading to a previous older OS Then Format the drive

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