Change ISP but keep old e-mail address

  s99Raj 22:35 05 Mar 2003

Does anyone know how I can switch to ntl dial-up (I have their CD) but still keep my old e-mail address?


  00edgarj 22:42 05 Mar 2003

e.g. FREESERVE and BT INTERNET let you keep the address, as whichever package you choose (except maybe broadband) automatically sign you up for a "NoTies" / "Pay-As-You-Go" for when their other services are busy - which you use another number to connect to. You may never have done this whilst with virgin - but if you had a pay-as-you-go account (i.e had to pay a few pence per minute spent online) then (this is true of many other ISPs, I don't know about virgin specifically) you will just need to connect to their pay as you go number once every months or so (check terms and conditions). I have just changed my address with freeserve (changed from HomeTime to AnyTime) and now have to do this to keep my old address going!

Hope this helps (that's if you can even make sense of any of it - I hardly can now re-reading it!)

Good Luck,


  00edgarj 22:44 05 Mar 2003

I meant to say

connect to their pay as you go number once every 6 months or so



  s99Raj 22:46 05 Mar 2003

You're right - it doesn't make much sense! Maybe 'cos it's late at night.
Yes, I do have Pay As You Go with

I can go to it, but then what?

  MAJ 23:08 05 Mar 2003

If you have PAYG, just keep that account active by connecting to it every so often. You should then still keep your Virgin email addy. Create a new account with NTL and use that as your default connection.

  MAJ 23:10 05 Mar 2003

Oh I forgot to say, you probably wont be able to send messages through your Virgin account unless you're connected to Virgin.

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