Change of IP Address & Subnet Mask & Gateway

  Greengage 19:49 15 May 2007

I am on Virgin cable. I have another PC & a laptop linked wirelessly to my main PC which have all been working OK - until this afternoon. Tried to get on the internet through the wireless PC ( I have not got the laptop out yet to try same)and could pick up a secured network, probably a neighbour, but not my own. Tried refreshing and repairing the network but no joy but found that various entries in the trusted area in Zone Alarm had disappeared. I then tried System Restore to when I knew everything was OK but again the same result. Then used Acronis to go back to three different dates all with exactly the same result. Decided to check settings on main PC and have discovered that the settings have all altered under the Local Area Connection Status. The IP address that previously was 192.168.0 etc has got an IP starting with 86.2.111 etc, the subnet mask has changed to 255.255.252(was255).0 and the default gateway now starts with 86.2. etc.instead of

Can anyone explain how this has come about? Is there any possibility that I have been hacked?

  Greengage 14:18 16 May 2007

It's taken me some time to sort this mess out and I don't even know how it has arisen. I tried changing back manually the IP addresses & subnet mask to what they were previously. Still no joy. I then reset the router on my main PC (because it was not allowing me to connect to the internet) but then, I still could not make any connection. I tried the in the address bar but nothing. I tried reverting back to previous dates with Acronis, but again nothing until I went back about two weeks. I could then enter the 192..... site and re-configure my router and then onwards got up and running and my wireless PC is also connected. Can anyone give any views as to how all this occurred. I still feel threatened by the way the IP address & submask have been altered which have caused the incident. I am now running all my protection programs

  Greengage 10:26 19 May 2007

None of my anti-virus programs etc threw up anything untoward.Can anyone explain how all this happened?

  Greengage 14:25 03 Jul 2007

It's done it again! I have been trying to connect to the internet via my Wifi laptop (linked to my main PC) without success. I have restored the laptop to an earlier date and also used Acronis to go back to the last back-up date but without success. I then discover that the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway on my PC have all changed, as indicated in my post of 15th May and hence why my laptop could not connect. I have since run ATF cleaner & Super Spyware cleaner in safe mode on the PC but this has not corrected the situation. I also have running Ad-Aware & Spybot S & D and have also run C Cleaner.

Can anyone explain how this data gets changed and more pertinently, how do I change the addresses back to what they were without having to try different back-up dates on Acronis?

  Greengage 14:52 03 Jul 2007

Have since inputted manually (Local Area Connections) the correct addresses for PC but then I could not connect to Internet at all. Rebooted after taking plugs out for 30 secs but still could not get on internet. Went back to L A C above and let it allocate addresses automatically and now I am back up and running on both PC and laptop with the addresses on the PC as they should be. During all this, I attempted to get on site but without success.

  mgmcc 17:24 03 Jul 2007

I have no idea from your various postings whether you are using a router, or connecting one PC to the Cable Modem and running a separate "Ad Hoc" wireless network between the computers with "Internet Connection Sharing" enabled on the host PC's connection to the modem. is an IP address. If you have a router with this IP address, then typing it into you web browser will open its configuration pages. Some Netgear and D-Link routers use this address. However, if you run "Internet Connection Sharing", the network adapter in the "host" PC with which you connect to the "client" PC will *ALWAYS* have the IP address and in this situation, typing it into a web browser will do nothing.

If your PC connects directly to the Cable Modem, then it will have an "Internet" IP address, such as and if you enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on that connection, the adapter used to copnnect to the other computer will have the address

If you are using a Router, that will get the "Internet" IP address and in turn will allocate LAN addresses to the computers connected to it. These will be in one of the ranges reserved for use in "Local Area Networks", most commonly a address.

You *CANNOT* manually configure the PC's network adapter with an IP address that may have previously been allocated to it by your ISP's DHCP server. Unless (most unusually) you have a fixed IP address from the ISP, you must get the addresses automatically.

  Greengage 19:19 03 Jul 2007

Using DLink DI 614+ router. The gateway is with main PC having last digit 101,laptop 102, and other PC 100. I cannot understand how the addresses for the main PC have changed - twice now - with the gateway and PC addresses starting with 86 and the subnet mask altering also thus preventing me automatically connecting to internet with the other computers, as described. Can you throw any light on this at all mgmcc? I had not changed any of the configurations or unplugged or reset anything prior to these events occurring.

  mgmcc 19:53 03 Jul 2007

As you are using a router, the router itself should have the 86.x.x.x IP address allocated by the ISP as its WAN IP address. The computers should only have a 192.168.0.x address with the router's LAN IP address of as the Default Gateway. It will also be used as one of the DNS addresses.

For the "Internet" IP address to be passed through from the router to one of the PCs would suggest to me that the router has developed a fault. I cannot think of any other situation in which this could happen. Only if the PC is connected *DIRECTLY* to the Cable Modem should it have the addresses allocated by Virgin Media.

  Greengage 08:01 05 Jul 2007

My apologies in responding to your latest response. I think I can understand what you are saying but still cannot understand why/how after having my set-up for over three years with the addresses on my three machines being 192.168 etc, the main one has somehow been changed (together with the subnet and gateway) on two occasions. I suppose it could be a faulty router as you suggest. I am grateful to you,mgmcc, for your contribution.

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