shauny36 13:12 19 Jan 2007

i was thinking of using a 20g internal hd as a external usb hd so i can use it like a very large flash pen so i can transfer downloads from my partners pc to my pcs, was thinking of a usb to usb data cable but want something portable.

so could i get a hd case with usb out lead so i can put a internal hd in and use as a portable hd.

  Taff™ 13:17 19 Jan 2007

click here as an example for a 3.5" HDD which will do what you want.

  shauny36 13:23 19 Jan 2007

many thanks.exactly what i was after.


  David4637 20:32 19 Jan 2007

Don't you really need it to be mains driven. The link implies it gets its power via the USB? David

  Taff™ 09:55 20 Jan 2007

The description isn`t very good but trust me it comes with a power supply. Follow the link and look at "In the box" - 12v Power adapter!

I`ve bought a couple of these over the past year and they work fine.

  shauny36 11:42 20 Jan 2007

had a look on ebay and they come with a power supply and usb2 lead for around £ i think i will have one coz have got about 6 hard drives lying around doing nothing so will try and save data and drivers frommy 4 other pcs onto one of the drives and the others just as storage for downloads etc.

  audeal 12:53 20 Jan 2007

You could take a look at this item. It connects your drive to the USB and can be used just like an internal/external IDE hard drive.

click here

  shauny36 10:12 21 Jan 2007

was having a look at them on ebay and both do the same job for the same price for about £10 each. but not sure on which one to go for.

am swayed more to the usb to ide cable coz i dont have to keep putting the hds in and out of the case where as the cable just plugs in

  audeal 12:55 22 Jan 2007

shauny36: As you say, the cable is much easyer to use, but you did say that you had other drives hanging around unused so the "Easy IDE" could make them useful as you can use them without installing them.

I have two drives sitting in a draw, (one is only six gig) so I use one of them as an "External" drive to store all my "Downloaded Software" and store other importatnt data on so I have a backup of it all.

Maybe you could even go for both choices.


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