Change a image within an exe file

  fermerboy 23:56 07 Sep 2010

I do a bit of computer work for my local ag show.

They wish to computerize the flower show competitions.

They have got a program from the local flower show which was written for them by a now retired gentleman.
He is happy for it to be used but wishes to have nothing to do with it.

My problem is this, it has the local flower show logo as the splash screen and also prints this on any reports generated.

How could I "open up the prog" and remove this logo so we can use it??

If anybody can help or point me in the right direction to ask elsewhere it would be very much appreaciated.

Thank you

  Taff™ 07:59 08 Sep 2010

I would have thought the easiest way is to install the program, locate the image(s) which are probably JPG`s or Gifs, and then simply replace them with your own of identical size.

  Batch 16:50 08 Sep 2010

If the images are not independent (as Taff rightly suggests that they might be) but are literally embedded in the software (e.g. in the .EXEs), ideally you would need the source code for the software (from the author) and a suitable "compiler". But to be quite honest this would probably require quite a bit of knowledge. So if Taff's suggestion doesn't work, I think you might be stumped.

  woodchip 17:45 08 Sep 2010

As you know a exe file is a Executable file a program for short, So it runs whatever it is used for, other files like dll's etc are all linked to it to run the program code

  woodchip 17:49 08 Sep 2010

PS Images will be linked to the Program, Don't think they will be embedded, so that they can be changed. you need to find the link to the images or use the program code to change them

  MAJ 18:38 08 Sep 2010

What sort of 'program' is this, fermerboy, what does it do? Is it by any chance a slideshow created in something like Powerpoint?

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