change hard drive???

  raggy 2 00:06 18 Jan 2009

can anyone advise me if it is possible to swap my pc hard drive to a pc that work has given me to keep?? the reason is the work pc has a better processor and ram but the HD is really small and my own one has a 160g HD. Is it a straight swap and if so how easy is it???
thanks in advnace

  Ex plorer 00:32 18 Jan 2009

I am fairly sure you cant swap the drives unless the two PCs are identical. (as in Motherboards)

If they are identical and it has a faster processor and more ram the hard-drive may be swappable.

You may be also fitting to larger hard drive to the PC you have been given.

More info is needed on the two PCs and the Operating Systems.

  Tim1964 00:35 18 Jan 2009

You could always put the bigger drive in as a slave and leave the OS on the original drive.

As it's a work PC does it have all their 'stuff' still on it that you need/want to clear off of it?

If I was given my work lappy for e.g. I guess that the IT dept would reformat it as it may have commercially sensitive files on it. I'm not sure if they could even reload the OS as it's licensed to my employer.

If you can just use the new HDD then there is plenty of freeware that will do the job for you but this will copy over all the junk as well so a clean start may be best If you have a copy of an OS to install on it.

It is a very simple job of removing the flat ribbon cable and the power cable from the old drive, removing the 4 small screws that hold it in place and doing the reverse with the new one.

Good luck

  Ex plorer 00:50 18 Jan 2009

I was assuming that the two drives had XP or some other OS on them.
If the drive is blank and doesn't support a operating system then you can swap the drives if the PC will suport the 160G

To change a drive is straight forward turn off the PC and unplug them from the mains.
Remove the left side of the PC and you will see your hard-drive etc.
If you can find some copper wire wrap it twice round your wrist and attach the other end to the casing.
this is just to earth you and prevent static.
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