Change of Drives

  GazMaz 16:09 14 Oct 2006

Ok hope I make myself clear.
I want to get a 160gb Hard drive (recommendations gratefully accepted) and then from my current setup (on a 80gb drive) make a ghost or an exact copy onto the 160gb drive and eventually use the new 160gb drive as the C; drive without reloading everything, then I’ll get another 160gbp drive and use that as a backup to the new 160gb C.
I currently use 2 80gb drives but want to expand capacity, W2K Acronis 7.
Is this feasible?

  terryf 16:22 14 Oct 2006

IMO you would be better off keeping your C drive to about 30GB and using this only for progs and OS. All other data on your 160GB. You can move the OE store folder to D. This means slightly faster access to progs, a qucker Acronis backup and restore. Quicker defrag. Put your 2nd 160 GB or your 80GB drive in an enclosure and use that as an ext usb drive. It only takes me less than 15 minutes to reload win and my progs using Acronis restore, and if windows crashes, I don't lose any data.

  Stuartli 16:31 14 Oct 2006

I've always found the Western Digital Caviar SE drives ending with JB on the model number (normally a three year warranty) to be excellent HDDs.

A 160GB version is £40 from Scan:

click here

but for another £7 you can get the 200GB version...:-)

Hard drive prices these days, just as with DVD rewriters and similar products, are almost stupidly cheap.

  Stuartli 16:44 14 Oct 2006

The Western Digital drives are currently on special offer on Scan's TodayOnly page...:-)

click here (about half-way down).

  GazMaz 18:53 14 Oct 2006

Sounds good to me think I'll go with the 200gb internal and store just the OS and progs on the C: in fact that's what happens at work doh! I'll probably eventually get an enclosure and put my spare 80gb in that or another drive and use that as an external "safe".
Couple of Q's terryf what do you mean by, I can move the OE store to folder D?
And where do you backup to the D or ext drive?

Good stuff guys.

  GazMaz 10:43 15 Oct 2006

Oh and I didn't really make myself clear.
The reason I wanted to change was because my current C: Drive is getting old so I thought I'd change it before it went bang.
So is it feasible to do a ghost and can you then use that ghost as the new C: is it easy to rename the ghosted drive?
I'm thinking I'll get the 200gb drive partition it to a 60 gb and 140gb then eventually get another and bkup to that.

  GazMaz 10:36 16 Oct 2006

After (again) having to reload Windows and all my programs because of a windows update that failed and I wasn't able to use the emergency disk to get me back to where I once was, I can't wait to get the new disk and make a ghost copy to enable me to recover in a more simplistic way.

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