change from dial up to broadband wireless via usb

  dumbboy66 10:18 08 Nov 2007

Can anyone help a novice.
I have been on dial up for years, but now it drives me mad.
My pc is several years old & only has usb connections.(i have external dial up modem)
Can i change to broadband & go wireless using my current equipment & if so what do eg AOL supply as standard & what bits would i need to buy & at what cost.

Please help as i'm going insane with all the diconnections


  howard64 10:48 08 Nov 2007

first survey the different isps that cover your area click here and look at what people have said about them perhaps here in consumerwatch. The minimum equipment needed will be an adsl modem most of which have a usb connection. If your pc is really that old you may not see a great deal of improvement in speed although you should. If you are looking ahead to perhaps getting a faster pc and possibly then keeping the old one as well. You might consider an adsl modem/router which could allow more than 1 pc to connect. The details of what is provided by the isp should be on their sign up page. You may also consider fitting a network interface card which is pci and would then allow rj45 patch cables to be used giving flexibility. These are available for about £10.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:48 08 Nov 2007

Are you using XP?


  dumbboy66 10:54 08 Nov 2007

yes xp professional i believe

  dumbboy66 11:21 08 Nov 2007

do i need to take my pc apart to fit a network interface card, what is pci & rj45 patch cables. i think AOL is my best bet currently with tesco

  howard64 12:51 08 Nov 2007

you will need to open the case but it is usually 2 or 3 phillips screws on the back to take the side off. pci is the white slots inside the case for fitting extra cards etc into. RJ45 is the network connection socket/plug. Looks a bit like a phone cable connection, on the phone itself or on your modem in the pc, not the wall socket. A patch cable has an rj45 plug on each end and comes in various lengths from 1m to about 5m. Your old pc may even have an rj45 socket on it. Have a look round the back.

  howard64 12:52 08 Nov 2007

click here this shows it

  dumbboy66 14:41 09 Nov 2007

ok thanks i understand now about the connections, i've had a look at a friends.
I've only got the usb type.
If i get a asdl modem/router can i connect a laptop & my son connect with his xbox & use my old pc

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