Change default font size in Word - How?

  Border View 10:31 14 Feb 2003

I use Windows Office Professional 97. In Word the font size defaults to 10. This is no good for me, I prefer either 12 or 14. Yesterday having painfully entered font size 14 and in places using font size 9 in a 27 page document, when I went into Print Preview the font size was reduced to 10 throughout.

Can anyone please suggest how I can change the default setting for the font.

I use Windows 98SE

  Lú-tzé 10:35 14 Feb 2003

Format _ font and then set it as you wish. The the bottom click the default button. That should do it.

  woodchip 10:35 14 Feb 2003

Can only try to guide as I use WordPerfect, Have a look under FILE IN the menu for ether document or page setup for what you are looking for

  Border View 10:37 14 Feb 2003

Many thanks for such a speedy response. Will give your suggestions a try.

  Djohn 10:38 14 Feb 2003

In word, select Tool bar/Format/Font, then select size in right window, and choose default, bottom left of box.

  Border View 10:40 14 Feb 2003

Thank you. Am off to play canny with your suggestions.

  Border View 19:02 14 Feb 2003

Used Lu-tze suggestion first and it worked. Many thank everyone. Have been a note of all your suggestions for future reference.

  Border View 19:03 14 Feb 2003

Even many thanks. and made a note not been a note. Sure my fingers are not working tonight.

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