Championship Manager 4 help

  NorthEnd 17:00 09 Apr 2003

I am having problems starting CM4. First off, I have had to update windows installer to enable me to install. OK up to now. I have installed successfully. When I start the game I get the disk icon, the disc is moving but then nothing, it just stops. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how do I over come this. My spec is:

Op System: Windows 98SE (4.10, Build 2222)
Processor: Intel Pentium III, 733MHz
Memory: 256MB RAM
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Winfast 3D S320 II + TV-OUT (TNT2-PRO)
Sound Card: DirectSound (SB Live! Wave Out [CC00])

This has come from DirectX 9.0. Can anyone help?

  crx16 18:21 09 Apr 2003

there have already been a few threads on this game,it seems to have a few glitches,try this click here a FAQ about the game,try Q3.

  dinom 23:59 10 Apr 2003

Check your direct x version also what you have running in background CM games are always resource hungry.

  NorthEnd 16:26 11 Apr 2003

It now works. I put the CD in the CDRW drive.

  BeeWee 11:05 15 Apr 2003

I have given my son my old pc. I wiped the h/d and reinstalled win 98se. He has installed this game. It is a pentium 3 with enough memory but is not connected to the internet. I have borrowed an old monitor. The error says it is "unable to open in full screen mode". I have checked the faq for this game but cannot change my monitor settings to what is needed. I only have 16 or 2 colours and nothing but 640x480 resolution. I need 32bit colours and 1021x768 res. why am i unable to make these changes?

  Elrond 13:06 15 Apr 2003

You should have started your own thread but anyway, if it is an old monitor you have then it probably isnt capable of the 32bit colors and 1021x768 res. The new CM4 system requirements has annoyed my little bro cos he loves the game but the PC they've got in the house is "older" thus isnt capable of running the game. He's gotta wait till my Dad gives e the go ahead to build a new PC.

  Elrond 13:07 15 Apr 2003

Sorry just noticed your other post BeeWee. This is the problem with hijacking other posts. A lesson for all to learn

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