Championship Manager 01/02 XP Memory

  lpl56407 12:05 08 Feb 2004

When trying to start a game on CM 01/02 I am told that I do not have enough memory and need to free up some more space. However, I have 1024MB Ram and have dicovered through various searches that certain programmes (originally programmed for Win 95/98) will not run with PC's containing over 512MB Ram.

Apparently Microsoft had a download which could fix this problem, but for reasons only known to them they have removed it.

Does anybody know where this download is or have a solution to this problem?

Please help, thanks.


  lpl56407 11:01 09 Feb 2004


  Taff36 11:21 09 Feb 2004

What OS are you using? In XP you can run games designed in Win 95/98 in an emulation mode (Think that`s what it`s called) I had problems with a treasured version of Command & Conquer that I successfully ran this way.

  lpl56407 17:13 09 Feb 2004

Yes it is XP. Have printed off the instructions for 'compatibility mode'. Will get my son to try his game later and let you know.

  lpl56407 17:56 09 Feb 2004

Have now tried 95 and 98 compatibility modes but still getting the memory error.
Any other ideas?

  Taff36 07:31 10 Feb 2004

But now I`m stuck ! Sorry.

  Billy911 08:11 10 Feb 2004

I went to the Eidos support site (click here)
and found this:

Out of memory errors on Windows XP with machines with over 512Mb of RAM

Unfortunately, Microsoft have withdrawn their fix for this problem. What we suggest is downloading the latest Windows XP Service Pack 1 from click here and if that doesn't help, then you will have to physically remove any extra memory down to 512MB.

  lpl56407 17:22 10 Feb 2004

Ta Billy911. I've tried this and still the same.
Am not going to start removing memory so my son will have to use Championship Manager 4. Not so good as the earlier one I am told.

  Billy911 18:18 12 Feb 2004

Have you tried running it in Windows 98, ME, 2000 etc Mode? It's worth a try. It worked for me when I did it for Grand Prix World.

  Billy911 18:20 12 Feb 2004

What does the error message say exactly?

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