Championship Manager 01/02 problem

  StevenStocks 15:28 31 Jan 2005

Just reformated my PC and I now get the following message in Championship manager 01/01 when I try and load a saved game or continue a game There is not enough available memory to create the game please free up some more memory and try again.

This hever happened before and I have 1 gig of memory (same as I did before) only thing that has changed is it's a clean install of Windows.

Not sure if this is the only game with this problem, had a few dos utilities do the same.
CM 01/02 is a windows ap

Anybody with any ideas?

Thanks in advance

  StevenStocks 19:12 31 Jan 2005

I took out one of the dimms so it leaves me with 512 meg ram and everything works fine, I put the 512 back in and all the problems start. Tried re-installing Windows on a clean hard drive and the same thing occurs.

  Kalb 20:25 31 Jan 2005

Are you using WInXP or Win something else ?

  StevenStocks 20:37 31 Jan 2005

I'm using Windows 98/XP dual booting, when I disable the memory in msconfig in 98 so it only finds 400 meg it works fine. tried using a spare hard drive and just installed XP and still had the same problem but none of this was causing me any problems before I reformated, only reason for that was so I could have a dual booting system so I could play all the old windows 98 games that I have lying around

  ACOLYTE 20:39 31 Jan 2005

There is a problem with 98 working well with over 512 somtimes upto 768Mb ram im not so sure it will work with 1Gig,im also not sure if the problem would still exist with a Dual boot system.

  Kalb 20:46 31 Jan 2005

There is a problem of Compatibilty using old programmes on XP.....if you have the game on XP desktop (or wherever) Right compatibility mode and select Mode for Win98 in the Apply..bottom R..then OK. ( You may have to change display settings )

  StevenStocks 20:53 31 Jan 2005

Already tried compatibilty mode but last time I installed XP I just ran the game straight away with no problem, I'm running the same game on my laptop with 396 meg ram and not having any problems with it, like I said the problem only appears in xp when I have 1 gig of ram but only appeared when I reformated the computer.

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