cgi email form "to:" field is empty

  HighTower 11:24 20 Feb 2003

I use a perl script (form-mail) for an email form on a website. I've noticed that when the mail arrives it is addressed as "from:" the server at demon but the "to:" box is empty. The script contains the address to send the mail to, and it does arrive, but when it arrives it is not addressed to anyone so the server has problems sorting it into relevant mail boxes.

Because of the way the mail system is set up I need to have an address in the "to:" field.

Anybody know how I can achieve this?

  HighTower 19:02 21 Feb 2003

just refreshing the post.

Any ideas anyone?

  Taran 19:09 21 Feb 2003

Did you write it yourself or are you using a generated script either offered by your ISP or from a download site ?

Personally, I prefer using a PHP reference file that sites server-side on your website root folder with all the relevant forwarding settings. This PHP file is linked to the input fileds on your form. Like anything though, it's only easy if you know how it's done.

Let me know if you hard coded your own script or are using a pre-prepared one and we'll see what we can do.

There are loads of PHP and Perl tutorials out there if you want to learn about the languages. Some nice articles can be found click here and you can get more CGI scripts than you can shake a stick at (assuming your web host allows you to use custom CGI's) from click here



  HighTower 19:13 21 Feb 2003

Thanks for your reply.

The form I used was off the demon server, as the site is hosted by them. The way the form sends the mail is using the script:

open (MAIL, "|$mailprog -F \"$FORM{'realname'}\"") || die "Can't
open $mailprog!\n";
print MAIL "To: $recipient\n";
print MAIL "From: $FORM{'username'} ($FORM{'realname'})\n";
print MAIL "Reply-to: $FORM{'username'} ($FORM{'realname'})\n";

but the problem is although the mail arrives at the address (recipient) it doesn't appear in the email message to: box, it's empty.

I will have a look at the links you sent, thanks again.

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