Certain websites not loading...help!

  Gryfon 10:16 19 Sep 2007

I have no idea what else to do next. Various websites such as facebook and flickr aren't loading on my browser. Also I went to update AGV and it said it couldn't do something with the IP address.

I'm using my laptop with a wireless router. The main desktop computer isn't working, but it wasn't working before these problems. The only thing I can think of is that the connection dropped last night so I repaired it, the first time it said it had problems with the wireless adapter (well something adapter), so I repaired again and it worked. Since then I've been having problems.

Anyway I've done system restore to a couple of days ago, turned the router off and on, given it a break over night, restarted the computer, tried these websites with Firefox and IE, changed some MPU (or something like that) settings and no joy.

Anything else I can do? Also some sites are running slower than others as well.


  birdface 14:38 19 Sep 2007

If Using IE7 ,Try Tools,Enable or disable Add-Ons .Make sure none of your sites that you are trying to open are Disabled.if so enable them.

  bof:) 15:26 19 Sep 2007

have you downloaded and installed any programs/windows updates etc before this problem began to happen?

Are you getting any messges from facebook site etc when fails to load?

Try running an online virus scan

click here

if you can et on the website.

Also run free AVG antispyware program

click here



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