certain sites not remembering me!!

  gazmix 07:58 24 Mar 2009

I have noticed that certain sites that i use a username & password no longer remember me!

I recall just clicking on the username box & my username would appear & then all i would need to do is type in my password.
This has since stopped on lots of sites, this one, not included!

Especially when signing into hotmail! When i close my browser, it forgets me altogether, even though the 'remember me' box is checked, but if i minimalize the screen, put on stand bye or shut down & reboot, it will remember, just only if i close browser! This is only hotmail, the others are as above!

I use Firefox 2.0.20 & have both my boxes in options>private data, unchecked! so all should be kept!

Any help appreciated


  mgmcc 08:02 24 Mar 2009

Any reason why you're still using an old version of Firefox - current version is 3.0.7? It might be worth updating, deleting all existing "saved" Usernames/Passwords and starting again from scratch.

  gazmix 08:07 24 Mar 2009

Yes, i just don't like it, the address bar etc, it constantly changes & in this version it saves all my frequently used sites, version 3 doesn't!!

This issue has happened all of a sudden since i been using this version!

  gazmix 15:25 26 Mar 2009


its seems to happen all the time & especially with hotmail!
I used to just click the login box & up would come a list of possible usernames that i use for other sites & yet now nothing arrives!!

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