certain file sharing prog

  tarkus 23:12 11 Jun 2003

i know this has been posted before but i have just spent the last 4 hours restoring a friends pc because his son had installed Kazza on to his pc it managed to mess up virtually every setting there was. please stay away from this and other similar progs. if you want to download mp3s there are now loads of legal ways of doing it MSN, Audiogalaxy Rhapsody (soon to be part of the realplayer)what made it even worse was that he had disabled the firewall and antivirus to get it to run as this is what he'd been told to do by his mates at school. he's now been band from using his pc as it is connected to a home network.

  VoG™ 23:15 11 Jun 2003

1) well done for restoring the 'puter.

2) I'm not sure about a "ban" on using the PC though - don't you think that is a bit drastic?

  tarkus 23:20 11 Jun 2003

maybe but might teach him a lesson and he might go out to play instead of sitting at the pc all evening, might even get him to do some home work.

  special sophie 23:29 11 Jun 2003

there no way in the world that kazaa would cause that much damage get really

  special sophie 23:30 11 Jun 2003

real even

  Mysticnas 23:34 11 Jun 2003

in itself wouldn't cause any probs, just the files and viruses thay may be downloaded.

I don't have a clue why his mates told him to turn off the firewall and antivirus. I use it and have my FW & AV running and it has always alerted me when it picks up a virus or trojan and quarantines it.

  tarkus 23:37 11 Jun 2003

sorry to disagree but once kazza and all its associated spy wear was removed and every thing checked pc ran with no problems and this isn't the ist time a problem like this has been reported here. also cant see why anyone would need a prog like kazza. if people need to share files then would be better of using ftp.

  VoG™ 23:37 11 Jun 2003

Let me assure you that I have spent many a happy hour or more trying to help people whose systems have been damaged almost to ruin by P2P programs and their associated rubbish.

  tarkus 23:42 11 Jun 2003

looks like you agree with me and with all the people i've spoken to about kazza and similar they all said they use it to download music and programs illegal or not they don't seem to care.

  special sophie 23:48 11 Jun 2003

let me assure you vog that if it had been installed correctly in the first place they wouldn't have had the problems. 206 million customers can't be wrong there is a lot falsehoods spouted about these programs. Tarkus that can't have taken you four hours just to remove kazaa and sypware what computer was it an atari st

  special sophie 23:50 11 Jun 2003

funny that PCA had kazaa on one of there front cover discs then maybe they did it to generate traffic for this forum

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