Cerco IT Training

  Jackcoms 18:44 17 Aug 2005

Not sure whether this is the correct place for this sort of post - but here goes.

I've just been to an assessment session run by the above company to establish whether or not I have what it takes to become an IT systems and network support engineer.

Having passed their assessment, I will now be offered the opportunity to go on their intensive 4-week training course at a cost of £4,000 to me with a 98% guarantee of a job at the end of it all.

My question - has anybody in the Forum used the services of this company, undertaken their training and subsequently been successfully placed in employment by them?

  amonra 19:09 17 Aug 2005

four grand seems a lot of dosh for a course. Since they dont actually specify a definite post at the end of the course, be very wary.
Perhaps other members have experience of this firm but make extensive enquiries before parting with your hard earned cash. What's available in the local tech ? People often tend to ignore the courses on your own doorstep. Good luck, maybe I'm a bit of a sceptic.

  Jackcoms 19:21 17 Aug 2005

I agree, I'm also a sceptic.

Hence my post - to see if I could get a 'feel' for the company through this Forum before making a decision.

  octal 19:55 17 Aug 2005

I just had a go at their test and I recon anyone with even an average knowledge of computers would do very well in the test, so a carrot comes to mind.

  Jackcoms 20:11 17 Aug 2005

Yes, but the assessment I'm talking about is the next stage on from that which I attended today at their Training Centre in London - and not everyone gets invited to that.

Today's tests/assessments were somewhat more in-depth than the initial basic on-line effort.

  Billp64 20:20 17 Aug 2005

Have a look here click here
as this company offer a high standard of training and not so expensive.
Not sure about Cerco but am very concerned at the high cost and not sure about the job offer.
I wish you luck anyway and hope you get what you want.

  Completealias 21:36 17 Aug 2005

I have just looked at my local college and they are offering the CompTIA A+ certification course for just over 300 quid including the exam fee a bargin am waiting for the application form now.

I would be wary of parting with that much cash.

  octal 21:40 17 Aug 2005

"but the assessment I'm talking about is the next stage"

Fair enough, I wish you luck if you are interested in going into that field. Don't forget you need good practical experience which is as important as qualifications, but I'm sure you already know that.

  octal 18:08 18 Aug 2005

Had a phone call from them to day at work asking if I was interested in taking it further with a career in IT after taking and passing the on-line test. I said thanks, but no thanks.

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