Centrino Processors

  Seadog 00:02 27 Apr 2005

I have been looking at various laptops recently and am slightly confused with the different types of processors available. I am mainly interested in Intel rather than AMD but there seem to be three types, Pentium 4, Centrino and Celeron. Celeron I understand is a type of budget processor, but the Centrino versus Pentium 4 - why do I not see speeds of 3.06GHz with a Centrino cpu, the same as a Pentium 4? The laptops with Centrino processors only seem to go to 2.13GHz or thereabouts, are these as powerful as the P4 3...GHZ or what? I know that power consumption is a major issue with laptops but I am looking for a desktop replacement with decent all round performance (I travel abroad for about eight months of the year) Any advice will be welcome and appreciated.

  powerless 00:08 27 Apr 2005

Don't let the clock speed fool you they are very capable processors.

  fitcher 11:49 27 Apr 2005

the intel centrino note books are good and with a good graphics card are realy good ,,I am surprised at the performance of my laptop ,I have built my own computers and upgraded over the years ,and only recently have I bought a laptop .in my desktop pc I use a radion pro 9600graphics card ,and in my laptop is a 9700 amd mobile ,it is definately faster than my 9600 pro .I am realy surprisd at that .I have tried it in unreal and a lot of other games,and same .when I bought this from d I only asked for a 40 gb hard disk that reduced the price a little .now people are realising that an external hard drive is cheap .or an upgrade to a bigger capacity drive is easy to do on a laptop laptop . I think there is a difference in speed and graphics .graphics can mean the clarity of the game not the speed ,what we need is both ,

  Seadog 12:32 27 Apr 2005

OK. I am thinking of now possibly getting a new laptop but the so-called advance in processor speed seems to have stopped. My present laptop has a P111 1GHz processor 9with 32Mb graphics)but the new ones all seem around a centrino 1.8 (ish) GHz which is a lot (?????) slower than my home built pc with a P4 3.2Ghz processor and 256Mb graphics. Will a Centrino 2GHz M 760 or whatever offer similar performance to my home machine (coupled with a 256Mb graphics card)? I don't play a lot of games but I want to make sure that I am not buying something thats only fractionally better than my present laptop.

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