Celeron666. New mobo..where from?

  shortcircuit 19:46 10 Jul 2003

Hi. A friend has tasked me to fix his compy.It died during an eleci storm(power surge).It will start but no info on screen, no beeps nothing. Ive got a feeling the mobos cooked. It has a celery 666 onboard but I dont know what the seat is . Is it a PPGA or something?

Where can I get a fair mobo from to fit it?

Has anyone got any ideas what could be the problem?

Thanks all

  Pesala 00:26 11 Jul 2003

A Celeron 666. That must be at least four years old isn't it? Even if it is not fried it is not worth searching out a motherboard for it. If your friend is short of cash look for something on eBay for £100. I'm sure you could get something better than a Celeron for that much.

  Tog 07:22 11 Jul 2003

You can go to click here and ID the chip using the utility there but to be honest, you may be better off replacing the lot.

  shortcircuit 07:43 11 Jul 2003

Update on celly. Its a 633Mhz not a 666!! Yep. It must be at least 4 years old made by IBM.For what he wants it for, a new board would be cheapest offer, but as you say, Ive seen durons and mobos for less than £50.Might have to go that way.

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