Celeron v Pentium 4

  ruskle 15:03 27 Oct 2005

I have just been looking at new laptops and have been told by a young upstart of a salesperson that the Celeron 1.5 is a lot faster than my pentium 4 2.0 gig. Is this so and what other processors are comparable to mine.


  Skills 15:49 27 Oct 2005

That salesman is talking .....

A celeron is a cut down CPU aimmed at the budget market and wouldnt perform as well as a P4 of a similar speed rating.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:08 27 Oct 2005

If you areusing the lappy for office apps, photo-editing etc., and not for gaming the processor will make no difference whatsoever. Go for the cheaper one and spend the money saved on an external HD which WILL save your life.


  ruskle 18:35 27 Oct 2005

Thanks for that, I dont need gaming, I have a Wi Fi Tosh now with enough HD, Office and Photo are spot on and changing all my old LP's and 45's to MP3's is going well.
I am still in a quandry as what to do. my Pent 4 machine is 3 years old and I have just got the reminder to purchase another warranty, answer is NO.Russell.

  ruskle 18:37 27 Oct 2005

What about a Centrino, how does that compare to a Pent 4, 2 gig?

  wky 19:53 27 Oct 2005

i have a centrino. I think it just saves power as it is made for mobility. But I don't know!

  interzone55 20:44 27 Oct 2005

The Celeron M in a new laptop will indeed perform better that an old 2Ghz P4, this is down to many factors, including superior chip architecture and a far smaller component size.

This is the reason a Pentium M notebook chip clocked at 1.7Ghz will outperm a 3.2Ghz P4 on many everyday tasks such as office work. The P4 will win on multimedia stuff though.

  t.long 21:33 27 Oct 2005

The Centrino is optimised for office apps. So it will perform better than a more 'generic' P4. Though the P4 - especialy the newer core ones - will outperform a Centrino in multimedia applications. But perverseley an older 'Northwood' will outperform a newer 'Prescott' on pretty much anything else GHz for GHz.

The most important thing is to be honest about what you want to use your new computer for.

  Skills 23:02 27 Oct 2005

I have a pentium M based laptop running at 1.7ghz and a desktop P4 on a northwood core running at 2.6ghz.

The pentium M laptop is as fast as my desktop easily, although I have yet to use it for any major encoding. Part of this could be down to the fact that my laptop is using SATA hard drives and ddr II memory but yes it performs really well. With harldy any heat produced the fan barly kicks in.

If I had to choose Id go with a pentium M based laptop over a celeron based one.

  woodchip 23:10 27 Oct 2005

Celeron Poor mans P4. the salesman is also talking about a

Celeron 1.5m

against P4 2.2

  Skills 23:22 27 Oct 2005

This is a useful apge that was posted by another forum member it compares the pentium M to P4 based systems and athlon 64 ones, doesnt include celerons but thought you may find it useful click here

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