Celeron processors

  Diodorus Siculus 10:50 08 Dec 2004

Can anyone point me to "real world" tests or experience of Celeron processors as opposed to P.IV processors; a friend of mine is looking for a new laptop for university work: internet, word processing, DVD watching are her main pursuits.

Her budget is about £650 and I have assured her that we can get a good deal for that money. She has all the software she needs other than an OS so getting one with XP installed would be a bonus.

Anyway, I have looked at various options and there are a number of Toshibas around which use Celerons:

click here

for an example.

I am assuming that they will cope with DVD playing ok? Can anyone comment or point me in the right direction.

Many thanks, Dio.

  D G 11:51 08 Dec 2004

My pc is a dell with a celeron processor,no problems to date, but I haven't got a DVD drive so I can't comment on that, but my cd writer and everything works fine,hope that's a help.

  gudgulf 12:09 08 Dec 2004

Have a browse through this click here

Generally Celerons have the lowest performance for their clock speed or equivalent rating (Athlon/Duron) but that is not to say that they wont give you the performance you need.If its for university coursework and web browsing then it will be fine.As for DVD's,well I have used an 800MHz Celeron based system in the past and that did the job.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:01 08 Dec 2004

gudgulf - thanks for that link; it gives me some good info even though not all of the links are working. I think that it should be ok though.

Thanks D G also; that kind of reassurance is helpful.

  TomJerry 14:29 08 Dec 2004

she can knock off up to £50, talk to you about this later

  Spanglish 14:54 08 Dec 2004

The above is in the Morgan Flyer for £587.49 ( though it does not show up on the Web Site, worth a ring? click here

  Arthur Scrimshaw 15:49 08 Dec 2004

Good range at Novatech - certainly in her budget and a recommended supplier.click here

  TomJerry 16:09 08 Dec 2004

but, a Celeron based laptop will be sufficient for her university work and her budget only enough for a Celeron.

It is better to get a mobile version of Celeron, i.e. Celeron-M which is very easy on battery life (I assume she will carry around). Mobile version of Intel processor is clocked lower than desktop version, but it actually run faster. For example, a Centrion 1.6MHz will out run a P4 2.8GHz.

Here is the address for Toshiba's Notebook for students scheme click here

Toshiba Tecra A2 (PTA20E-07701Q-EN)
Intel Celeron-M 330 1.4GHz, 256Mb RAM, 40Gb hard disk, fixed internal CD-RW/DVD-ROM £666 is a good choice because it is only 2.5kg

  TomJerry 16:18 08 Dec 2004

check Novatech out as auggested by "Arthur Scrimshaw" and many others

I found one with Intel Centrio (not Celeron) within her budget.

ACER TM 4050LCi PM 710 1.4Ghz 40GB 256MB CDRW/DVD 15.0TFT XP Home LX.T7005.008 £656.63 click here; £646.16 click here, £643.84 click here, £649.00 (free delivery) click here, product details click here

  TomJerry 16:31 08 Dec 2004

Centrino laptops (either real Centrino or cut-down version of Centrino, i.e.. Celeron-M) are lighter (15", 2.7kg, 14" 2.5kg) and cooler (battery run longer).

many university have wireless access point in library or computer center (free for students), so a Centrino laptop is an attractive option

  Diodorus Siculus 21:12 08 Dec 2004

TomJerry - thanks for all your investigations; I will very likely go for a Toshiba as she has had one for a few years now (6?) and is impressed by its longevity.

I have a novatech and like it a lot - light, great battery life and pretty powerful (Centrino 1.5). Her further requirement is for a parallel port and I contacted Novatech - their Maverick range have parallel ports so I may take another look at them.

She studies abroad doing a PdD so will not be eligible for the students scheme; but it is interesting.

As for net connectivity, they have blisteringly fast internet connections in each room - I updated her Win98 machine from a clean install in 8 minutes (download time - the install process for the updates took a lot longer).

I'll leave this open till I get somewhere with it - likely over Chrismas / New Year period.

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